During my two years program in Taiwan, what impressed me most is the generosity and friendliness of people of Taiwan. The people in Taiwan in general have good attributes of life such as politeness, law-abidance and a love of helping and sharing with others. I have many stories to share but I will limit myself to my encountered with one of my professor Dr Yaw-Tang Shih, M.D, Dr.PH.

Dr Yaw-Tang Shih’s hospitality is absolutely unique to me because he was more than a lecturer to us. He always makes us to feel at home and ensure whatever he is teaching we understand to the best. He makes the learning environment very conducive for us at all time. There are series of interactions between him and us which he uses to see those who are weak among us and how best can him help them to adjust.

This has shown dividends because we were deeply involved during his sessions. We always want his class to be on daily basis and continuous as well. He is a man with noble character and benevolent attitude and honestly he is my mentor in life as well. We nearly cry during our last session with him especially when he was giving us a piece advice pertaining to our academy career.

Upon completion of his class, we had individual and group photos with him which will make me to be remembering him. This day was a special day for us as foreign students in Taiwan because we all nearly shit tears while we were saying bye to him.

Here comes a surprise for us, he asked us to select a place to have dinner with him at no cost for us. This was unbelievable and we selected a group leader among us to coordinate everything. Eventually we were able to go to one hotel after one week. This is another beautiful moment when we met Dr Yaw-Tang Shih who was there before us and he ensured everything is set before we arrived. Upon our arrival he gave us a warm welcome and escorted us to get seated. The table we occupied suddenly covered with different varieties of food and beverages.

The foods were very delicious and beside we had series of interesting conversation with him. While we were enjoying dinner, there were a young lady and man who were also entertaining the guests with music. They really played sweet melody and infact the only place in Taiwan I heard African music. I wish I could be able to afford the bill on daily basis so that I can be having my dinner in this wonderful hotel with one of the best and delicious food I ever tasted in Taiwan.

Dr Yaw-Tang Shih’s hospitality has created a mark in my memory and I will always remember him whenever I hear Taiwan. Taiwanese in general are very excellent and benevolent but for him is a special case. I know that I will go back to my country soon and I will really missed Taiwanese hospitality which is one in the world and may God bless Taiwan and Taiwanese.