My name is Adriana Flores, I am 24 years old. I came to Taiwan 4 years ago from El Salvador. I am currently doing my 4 year of Undergraduate at National Pingtung University of Science and Technology in Pingtung. Been in Taiwan so many years have become an amazing experience, because during these years people have ask me about different stuff of my culture and other things related with my country and myself. I even wonder where these questions come from, or I even know what to answer to them, because they always ask the same questions. But I have never think about what I will ask a Taiwanese I if had the opportunity to ask them a question. This topic has made me think about what I would like to ask a Taiwanese people the most. And I have some question I would like to ask them, the same as they ask to me during these years. I never expected that I would be able to get use to the culture and been away from home, so why don’t Taiwanese people don’t like to go abroad to study or for living? Because I realize there is a small percentage of Taiwanese people that like to go abroad for traveling or to experiment new cultures. So is there any obstacle that makes them not to go out and travel? In my case I can say that I got touched with all the experiences I have had in other countries when I travel. Another question would be, if they would date someone from another culture or country (foreigner)? I ask this because they always ask me if I have Taiwanese boyfriend, then I guess I will ask them the same. Other question, if they can tell me something about Taiwan that makes them pride of their culture? Taiwan touched me by experiencing different situations; there are a lot of people that have been so thoughtful and always disposed to help me in hard situations. Another thing that comes to my mind to ask is why most Taiwanese are shy to speak English more when they are girl foreigners? This is because I realize most of Taiwanese I have met during this 4 years are really shy when it comes to start a conversation with a foreigner, this means that if we don’t start the conversation then is really weird to find one that will start speaking to you. Thinking about what to ask them is a bit hard for me now to think, but I wonder how they think so many questions to ask when you meet a Taiwanese. In my opinion I think is because when it comes to learn and know about more about other person, and the Taiwanese is not shy then they will ask whatever it comes to their mind. And it’s pretty amazing when they ask you really random questions. As I mention before is quite difficult to think what I would ask a Taiwanese, because I always expect them to ask me something instead of me asking them, so this topic is a bit tricky to me this time. So to finish this newsletter I think I will ask a Taiwanese what they will recommend to visit around Taiwan, if they meet a new foreigner. Because I believe who are the face and the proud of one country is their own population, and so far Taiwanese have given me the best impression of how Taiwan people are. I’m pretty thankful of how Taiwanese have treated me during this 4 years of studies here.