Picture : Dinner with our Mentor Chief Dr Lin.

On early Tuesday morning, February 06, 2016, I was in my room, having finished reading notes for the previous day, and turned on the laptop to see if the world out there was still intact. I was still in my sleeping clothes, as evenings I have given myself permission to do nothing I don't wish to do. Nothing unusual on the news Facebook site. Suddenly I felt a sharp jolt. I saw the pictures of my family and kids started swaying. I waited, but none fell. I felt no particular fear, but, the thought came into my head, "Is this an earthquake?" because no earthquakes in my country.

It seemed like a long time before the movement stopped, but I’m not sure what the official time was recorded. I heard lots of noise from other students, it seems like everybody awaken from that incident. I was still on my room, wondered if anything happened after that shaking. I only worried about the dormitory we lived in as it tall and if it happened to goes down, I will be under the building for sure.

I tried to forget what has happened and thinking about going to bed. But before I off to bed, I search again for earthquake in Taiwan and found out that it was really bad. It was almost an hour before the news hit over the net. An earthquake with a moment magnitude of 6.4 struck 28 km (17 mi) northeast of Pingtung City in southern Taiwan, in the Meinong District of Kaohsiung. The earthquake struck at a depth of around 23 km (14 mi). Its comparatively shallow depth caused more intense reverberations on the surface. It was really bad. That the first time in my life I hate earthquakes.

The sun rises and the news hit the media and all over the net that it was really bad and caused a lot of problem in the near villages from our place. I stay room, doing nothing in the house and turned on my laptop to catch one of my favorite news site Facebook. Pictures and bad news all over the place. I saw pictures of building fell down and people running around crying. Policemen and firefighters trying to help. My God, it was really bad. I hate earthquakes.

My first earthquake experience took place in 2013 in Taiwan but at the University dormitory. I was at dorm at University and was on my evening coffee break when my chair started moving. I believe the it was an earthquake but a very minor one. Since then, the earthquakes were all like that, nothing very serious or scarily to me. I sat there, sipping from my cup, when only a little movement started. I heard a lot of earthquakes before I came to Taiwan and I saw in movies, but never really experienced one. So during that time I felt a small movement, I was very excited and wish that it can happen just like in the movies. I want more than just a slight movement of my chair.

But, after the current earthquake experienced, I don’t think I would like to experienced it again. I hate it and hope that I will never struck into it in the future. The fact I don’t like it, because it caused the lives of many innocent people, especially young babies and old people. I watch the news about places badly affected by that incident, it was a very sad moment for them. I was watching and watching the news but cannot do anything, I just pray that they will have a strength to go on with their life without their lost family members. I hope people hate earthquake, so am I.

I learn a few things from the incident that the safety of the people in the future, will be depend on the construction of their homes, in which the building must strong enough to withstand such things like earthquakes or whatever our mother nature can bring.