My first earthquake experience in Taiwan I would have despaired had I not received a word from the Lord two days before the earthquake. I don’t mean to say fear didn’t get a grip on me, on the contrary fear did hit hard on me, except this time around it didn’t take its toll on me, as I was lying on my bed listening to the movement of the building from side to side, with loud bangs coming from every direction, the loudest from the bathroom and that sound shook me to the core. The earthquake lasted for about a minute or so, but I tell you never in my life had one minute seemed longer than an hour than it did on that very morning of February 6, 2016. The shaking was so overwhelming, thoughts were crowding my mind- could this be the day of your death, and my heart was racing so much I could almost literally feel its quick heavy rhythm. Outside I could hear the voices of my colleagues shouting for help and running for cover. I thought of following them as the earthquake continued and seemed to last longer than I had imagined-deep inside me- the very same thought that the Lord had told me something gave me the courage to continue lying on my bed with the hope that it will pass. Naturally panic overtakes me easily, even to this day I can’t still imagine what would have become of me had the earthquake struck before receiving the word-it’s highly possible I could have nearly died because of fear or at least I would say the images would still be haunting my mind. My neighbor thought I was asleep as I heard him continually shouting my name in my language signaling to me to get up and run. It was chaos indeed outside, I could hear students running from every direction, some screaming, some not, but in no time they were down in B1. I heard my roommate leaving for B1 as he woke me up too, thinking I was asleep when in actual fact I felt each and every movement after waking up and even though I am sure I must have awaken middle way of the earthquake, but you have no idea how much it lasted longer as I imagined the building falling. Soon after it ended, I could hear students outside shouting it will come back, I didn’t think much about it coming back, at this point in time I was only grateful to the Lord for saving us and more grateful that the word He had given me sustained me in the midst of the longest minute ever-earthquake. A few minutes later I grabbed my phone and called my Taiwanese friend and asked if she was okay, she said yes. I asked if she was panicking, she said not really, they are used to such, I wondered how on earth can you not be shaken by this!!! I slept, and before I knew it, it was the next daylight, around 8 O’clock when I woke up the very first thought that came into my mind was: O, that was huge earthquake, surely there must have been damage done somewhere and sure enough I read, shortly after that, in the news that Tainan was the worst hit. Many buildings were damaged including two buildings which fell and people were trapped and some dead, it was very devastating and sad. I had had experience of earthquakes before this one, two in my country and two or three in Taiwan, but honestly speaking I wouldn’t describe them as earthquakes, but just as small tremors. They did not even create an impact on me, but on this day, even to this day I can still imagine exactly the sound that was coming all over the building as it resisted the earthquake, and in my mind I can still feel the vibrations that shook me almost to the core of my being-only to be spared by that one word from the Lord I had received the previous two days.