On Saturday 6th February  2016 early morning, I was visiting some friends and a family member in Tainan. We sat in the lounge area watching movies from the night before into the “wee’’ hours of the morning. I remember it was half way through the movie “Dead pool” when suddenly I felt a sharp snapping jolt. I saw the laptop screen started swaying noticeably, I saw pictures mounted on the wall falling randomly, everyone looked at each other. No words were spoken but we had understood exactly what we were experiencing with mere facial expressions that were priceless. At that moment I questioned my very own existence, I did not felt alive nor dead as if I was frozen in time and everything else around me were in slow-motion, it was like there was no one else was inside the room alongside me, I looked up at the ceiling and saw cracks forming between the corners of the walls slowly while the entire building shook in motion effortlessly.
    It felt like an eternity has pass before the movement ceased, it was very uncomfortable, unpleasant feeling to see the least, at  one point I felt every annoyed and wanted to shout at the top of my lungs “Stop” but opening my mouth would have never utter any form of sound even if I had tried. It was at that moment I became sacred and worried about many various possibilities of something far worst than just being shaken up but being injured or death being that we ere on the 4th floor of the building. I could not help thinking about the possibilities of the building being strong enough to outlast the earthquake, the fear of the building collapsing with us inside. Sometimes when I sit down and reminisce of the whole experience I actually wondered if I was conscious at all.
    After what seems like an eternity the swaying finally ceased and I hear once again. I heard the sound of sirens alarms and loud noises. We ran towards the window to see if the world out there was intact. It was still very dark but can see what seems to be like a cloud of dust hovering over the atmosphere, screams filled the air mix with chaos and calamity, flashing lights could be seen in the distance motionless as if traffic was at a halt. I turned and asked if everyone was ''OK'' and safe, my cousin told that she have never felt such an intense earthquake in Taiwan like that and she have been living here for almost 7 years. A few minutes after I received a notification from face-book asking to confirm that I am not injured, I promptly responded to let my family, friends and the university that I am safe.
    According to the news the earthquake lasted about 30-45 seconds to a minute long with about 68 after shocks. The earthquake had a maximum intensity of VII ( very strong ) on the Mercalli Intensity Scale with over 600 casualties reported and about 100 deaths. That occurred around 3:57am with a magnitude of 6.4m.
    I have felt several earthquakes before but this was my strongest and the happenings of that day remains quite clear in my memory today. Because maybe I could have been injured or worst lost my life. I have always thought that these tremendous natural disasters only happen in the movies but  “boy oh boy” was I proven wrong. One which I will never forget my own little Armageddon experience right here in Taiwan, one that I would not like to ever repeat again in this lifetime...
                                        SMIS I-SHOU 1st yr Med.Student
                                            -Deron R. Adams