I was sleeping and my bed started dancing, I thought I was dreaming. The dream was quit enjoyed for a minute. After few seconds I realized I was not dreaming, I hold firmly the head board of my bed and yes it was moving. I woke up sit on my bed clue less. Yes it was an earthquake.

It was early morning around 8 am and I was deep in my sleep as I had gone very late to sleep as usually due to school work. My roommate had already left for her morning class so was alone in the room. As was dreaming playing with my niece and nephews at home, the game became so energetic but still fun.

As my bed continued shaking, it then down to me that it could be an earthquake. I went quickly to my roommates space hoping to wake her, probably she knows what we can do. I was demoralized to find she was not there, so was alone and clueless on what to do. I went back and sat on my bed and eventually everything went still. Yes it was an earth quake, I thought to myself. Then I was there asking myself what was I suppose to do? I stood up and went out of my dorm and there was no one at my vicinity. I went back to my dorm and it downed again that I was alone and confused.

I felt so helpless, so I decided to open my emails and face book to distress. To my relieve friends in Taiwan were also talking about it, so it’s real and it did not only happened in my dorm. But it still, I was bothered, as I though what was I suppose to do. On social media no one seemed to have the same concern or try addressing it.

Now as I was thinking deeply, I remember that when I was preparing to come to Taiwan, I read a lot about the beautiful country from politics, language, the people, the weather, the typhoons and the food. I thought hard to remember what I knew or was said about earthquakes but couldn’t remember anything. I remembered though from my secondary geography classes I had a decade ago that islands were prone to earthquakes. Coming from a landlocked country, with no such natural disasters, I had nothing to remember from experience.

With no previous experience or advice, I had one option, to Google it. I search on the safety measures and what to best do in such situations. I found information that was quit helpful. I then prepared to go to my 1010 am class and couldn’t wait to discuss this with my colleagues. Most of the international students were indeed talking about their different experiences and it was now all fun to hear the different stories. And yes there were those who never felt anything, they were clueless as to what we were talking about.

To my surprise, this was just a none issues among local students. To them it was like they we saying, yes it was a minor earthquake so what. To me on the contrary it was a big deal, couldn’t wait for my family to wake up at around 1300hrs Taiwan time when its 7am at home so I can share with them my new experience. Tell them how I sometimes get to a floating mode and swim on planet earth, how nice and what an experience.

With typhoons we are always made aware long in advice and we take measures to keep safe. It was never the case with and earthquake. This made the earthquake experience even more interesting as it came when I was least prepared mentally and it was scary and amazing at the same time. These are the events that make the stay in Taiwan a beautiful and unique experience for me.