Taiwan, I stay here since September 2014. I’m not really remembered when was my first earthquake in Taiwan. However, yes I experienced some earthquakes here. It’s happened at least around 4 to 5 times a year. My earthquake experiences in Taiwan are not big, fortunately it were just small shaking magnitude. Most of the times, it happened when I was in the dormitory.  At that time, when earthquake come all girls just comes out from their room. One time, it was early morning around 4.00 am, the earthquake happen and I was still awake because of some assignments. I try to wake up my roommates, but without any worries they just said that “don’t worry it will finish soon, comeback to sleep Memei.” And they don’t even try to wake up at all. I felt it was quite big earthquakes, but they still keep being sleeping princess with peach full dream. Hahaha.

Actually my country, Indonesia, we do have earthquakes sometimes. However not as much what I felt in Taiwan. However, when it come always big and messed many public facilities, and houses. One times, when it was in winter vacation in February 2016, I heard that in Taiwan had a big earthquakes and its broke one apartment in Tainan. I was in my hometown at that time. I try to call some of my friends here, fortunately they were save. One things really impress me at that time, Taiwanese government and their staff are very fast responses to help the people. It quite big earthquake 6.4 scale Richter, but the just a few people suffered by it. In Indonesia it might be became worse than Taiwan.

So far, I’m not really worry about earthquake in Taiwan. I think, they already prepared the most of building to be really to face it. However still I hope that there will not any big earthquake happened in the future. Small shaking times are okay to balanced the land, but please don’t be too big. Okay Earth! ^^