Oh my God, why is Cherry turning her body so strongly? She cannot sleep? It is just 3:00 am in the morning, please stop turning your body, I cannot sleep, you know?” It was a cool night in the end of September, inside my room. I felt I was in a dark, quiet atmosphere. Something had woken me up and I was talking to myself when my bed started shaking. “But wait, Cherry is not big. She cannot be moving her body so strongly and her bed doesn’t really connect with my bed. How can….??? Wait, something is wrong here”. I tried to analyze and realized that the shaking was not because my roommate was moving her body. “Oh god, don’t tell me this is an earthquake. What should I do? Should I wake everyone up and do something? Or should I just lie still on my bed?” I felt so scared, worried and confused; but then I decided to stay still to see what would happen; at the same time, I was hoping I was safe. I was also thinking about my family and friends and worried that I was not going to see them again. It was shaking for a few minutes

. I could feel that everything in the room like the beds, closets, lights, the floor were moving; but the most surprising thing to me was that my two roommates were still in deep sleep: “damn, how could they do that?” I was hoping that they would wake up and get out of bed, turn on the lights and instruct me what to do; but yes, nothing of what I was expecting and hoping ever happened. After a couple of minutes, the shaking stopped. I was a bit more relieved but still feeling unsafe. I connected to the internet and tried to find the news about earthquake in Taiwan. I also tried to find out whether it would continue or not, but I found nothing. “Maybe everyone is sleeping and cannot update the information that quickly. Ok! I will stay up just in case the shaking starts again”. 

So, this is my first earthquake experience in Taiwan. However, never did I think there would be other similar experiences. Nonetheless, my I consider this first experience as the scariest. It was the scariest because I come from Vietnam, where I have never experienced or seen any news about earthquake. Not only that, but I have not experienced any type of natural disaster in my hometown. So, I didn’t have any idea how to react or what to do in such cases. The very next day, I called my friends and family in Vietnam to tell them about the earthquake. I shared with them my terrifying experience and all of them were shocked and said it sounded so dangerous. Of course, I shared this with my roommates as well. I wanted to know if they did not feel the shaking the night before. Also, I wanted them to tell me what to do in the case of an earthquake. To my surprise, they reacted so calm about it, and told me that earthquakes are basically normal in Taiwan. They said, “Oh yes, it is just an earthquake. There are around 30 earthquakes per day in Taiwan, so don’t worry, you will get used to it”. So far, I have experienced approximately 5 other earthquakes. Although I still feel scared, I don’t feel so terrified like the first time. I believe I am already getting used to earthquakes. However, maybe in the future, I will try to join an earthquake simulation to better prepare myself in case of a big earthquake.