During the time I have been in Taiwan, almost 15 months, in my third semester was the first time having Taiwanese classmates, it is in a course called Gender and Discourse, I am from Honduras, so all of my classmates kept me and my friend looking excited because, as you imagine, we speak kind of different. One of the girls, approach us and said:“Hey, I talk Spanish too.”

I was completely happy! This was my first time in months someone approached me to say they speak my language. We became friends.

Through the course, at the beginning they were pretty shy, the Taiwanese girls taking the same course as me and my friend were. It was very nice how they always include us in every activity during the class. I learn that they are people that respects others opinion, no matter if they don't agree with it, they are such warm heart and overall they are excited to know about your culture.  My professor is also Taiwanese, so he always encourage us to express ourselves, to share our personal experience in the ideas of the class. It felt like fresh air, the course itself had very interesting topic but being able to share experience and also to listen to the experiences of my classmates, from other parts of the world, cannot be fully describe with words.

My Taiwanese classmates also taught me that, no matter how far we are from family we will always find friends that will support us.  I have a pretty funny anecdote for this, me and my friend caught a flu during the semester, I told my Taiwanese friend, by the way her name is Chien, that we will arrived to class a little late since we had to go the doctor, she replied to me saying that she would let the professor know and that we should take care, after going to the doctor, even the professor asked us how we were doing! It was a feeling that made me feel home, Chien got us some oranges, because she always says that fruits would make us healthier. The entire week she texted us and was always aware of how we were doing. My friend, her name is Zayda, once told me, I feel so happy that she is our friend. I kind of starting reflecting about it, my classmate just became a true friend to me. Someone that taught me kindness and respect.

The other girl in my class is call Jane, she is also Taiwanese but she told us her English name because she said she was afraid we couldn't pronounce her name. Since day one, she was trying to learn Spanish from us three, Chien, Zayda and me. It taught me no matter how far from home I am, I always have a piece of Honduras within me, I thought them about my country and their beauty, they made me a promise to visit me someday, I hope is soon. Also Zayda, she is from Nicaragua, my Central American sister as I call her,  showed them the beauties of her country. I want to say at last that no matter how different cultures can be, my Taiwanese classmates that became friend, a true friendship can always be develop. With warm heart and sincere thoughts friends are always going to be there.

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