Living in Taiwan is one of the most enriching experiences I have encountered throughout my life.  Thanks to ICDF I have the opportunity to grow and develop myself as a human being and professionally, during this process.   I have met very good male and female Taiwanese friends who

have helped to understand the culture, cuisine, language, and Taiwanese variety.

Among all my Taiwanese friends, I highlight one of them particularly is Ann Chang. Thanks to her, my relationship with Taiwanese food improved incredibly like every western foreigner, we have very different cuisine from Asia and at first, it was challenging for me, since I was not accustomed to meaty meals but my friend Ann helped me translate Chinese and speak with Taiwanese to order food or staffs and taught me to understand better the variety of herbs, flowers, vegetables and edible fruits.  

She taught me about the mysticism of Buddhist and Taoist temples, some Taiwanese words, which I find easier than Mandarin language, she has told me about Taiwanese history, traditions, introduced me with her teachers and her friends making me feel like at home I really enjoy so much my lunches with her and her friends. I feel very fortunate to have a friend like her because it makes funny and wonderful my days.

She just like other Taiwanese people who is respectful, kind, dedicated, hardworking, and supportive, and there is no doubt that with her company, I will continue to learn a lot more and my stay in Taiwan will be much easier.

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