At first, I had no intention to write this article, but my roommate taught me something which has inspired me to write this article. Well, as you go through the title, the first thing that comes to your mind might be of Taiwanese culture, specialties of Taiwan for instance the travel attraction, the food and whatsoever that you can think of about Taiwan. However, none of the above mentioned would be included in my article.  Instead, my article is going to discuss my roommate's attitude in achieving his goal.

       Let's start by introducing some background profile of my Taiwanese roommate from Taitung City.  He is a second year master student of Graduate Institution of Photonics and Optoelectronics in National Taiwan University.  He looks like a typical Chinese and his height is around 180cm.  His hobbies are photography and cycling.  Sometimes, he would show me some of his photography works and share the story behind them with me.

        My roommate and I became good friend really fast even though we just knew each other for three months since I came to Taiwan.  We often share the culture of our own countries to each other or sometimes we just talk about some random little things in our lives.  Recently, we talked about one thing that inspired me to write this article which is the goal of his life.  My roommate is an active and idealistic person, it didn't take me long to see these personalities in him.  As for me, my personality is totally different from him as I have always been a passive person to an extent that people used to call me as a follower.  I could say with pride that I am capable of completing whatever that is assigned to me and I never failed to accomplish them but here is where the problem lies. I have neither aim nor goal nor passion in anything.

       Throughout the conversation, he expressed his determination to achieve his goal even if it takes a long way to reach the destination.  And I asked him a question, "What are you going to do after you have achieved your goal in the future? Just stay still at where you achieved or?"   Without any hesitation, he answered me, "No, I would never be satisfied even if my goal has been achieved.  I will keep on trying new things to explore my passion and ambition in other things". Then, he explained more to me by telling me the key of perseverance.

       Firstly, you have to step out of your comfort zone.  Secondly, you don't stop even if you feel defeated or get bored in the process of exploring new things. This is because you wouldn't know where that thing is bringing you to until you finish it.  He was kind enough to take photography as example to make me understand more in what he is trying to express. Photography is an art. There is no so called perfection in the world of photography. For the same scenery, different photographers could produce different artistic conception using different perspectives.  You never know what better works you could accomplish. You just have to keep on trying as there is no limit at all. Same goes to our lives!  At the very least you have to be patient and keep on focusing on that thing until you see something.  Don't ever think that it would be a waste of time because it is exactly the journey itself which would lead you to realize what you are truly interested in.

     We all think we know all these simple wisdom of life and indeed, we all know. The thing is whether we apply those principals in our lives. Where are those people?  Not much, perhaps.  Now, let me end my article with a quote. "The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are" – J.P. Morgan

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