"If youngsters have no dreams, the country has no future".

       My name is Tumentsetseg Enkhjav from "Land of the Blue Sky" Mongolia, a country of about 1.6 million sq. km and a population of about 3.0 million is the world's most sparsely populated country.  I have been accepted for a scholarship in the Master Program for International Human Resource Development program at the National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) and I have been considered myself to be a representative of Mongolia in Taiwan because people see me as not just an individual person but they see me as a Mongolian. That is why I am still gaining tremendous opportunities such as making new friends who come from all over the world with different cultural background and we are everyday sharing our expectation, cultural values and life experiences.  I see that this incredible opportunity is the one way to open the door to reach "Future success" and "Developing diplomatic relationship between the countries".

  Moreover, I have lots of expectations to discover things during two years of staying in Taiwan such as "what is difference between my country and Taiwan?" and "What we can learn from them and what we can recommend them?"

        A special Mongolian quote that I like the most is "Experience the other part of the world and meet new people when your parents are behind you".  In another word, visiting other countries will open the doors to broaden your view in the different way and communicate various characteristics of people from different continents.  In this way, we will learn from each other and invest positive contribution back to our society.

       I would like to point out that my classmates are their persistence and accountability.  In my observation, it is very usual to see Taiwanese students are studying until at 2 am at night because they seem to realize the importance of education in their life.  What I believe is that nobody will take away the knowledge and abilities that we have gained from the life so "the education is the key to one's success and the most valuable investment on us". 

Furthermore, what I have realized so far in life is that the wealth of country is not fully explicable in terms of natural resources such as gold or any other metals but the vital key is well-educated younger generation and society.  At this point, I would like to say that the future of this beautiful green island, Taiwan will be very brighter due to its highly educating younger generation. In contrast, my impression of my classmates is that they seem to have already perceived how significant and effective to work as a team and their way of cooperated on group tasks shows they have already comprehended the accountability of team work. Specially, local students are never late on their group appointment. It is definitely shows us their positive aspect of the discipline and good role model for all classmates.  

       I became close friends with three local students from three various team projects at class, since my first semester started in NTNU.  Now I am feeling that we are building a lifelong relationship which will be maintained throughout life.  The end of my little writing, I would like to share with you a part of my conversation between my Taiwanese classmate and I which,  "If you have a problem in Taiwan, just come to me". Those warm words will always remind me the kind and trust worthy people who I know from Taiwan in the rest of my life.

"If youngsters have no dreams, the country has no future".

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