I have learnt a lot from my Taiwanese classmates, they have taught me about some few Taiwanese culture and the holidays celebrated here in Taiwan.  I actually learnt about the moon festival which is around September or early October and that here in Taiwan the celebration of the new years is different from the way we celebrate our new year

The Chinese new years is celebrated between the 30 of January and February 20, which of course surprised me a lot.  My classmates have also taught me about the places around here in Taiwan the climates, that in the southern part of the country is more warmer than the northern part of the country around Taipei and have been telling me about some few places I should see here in Taiwan before I leave, like the Taroko national park, the view of the Taipei 101, and the traditional temples in Tainan, which I have been there before and was really nice, and Kenting as well.  They have been suggesting that I go for it during the spring time as it is so nice in those season and we also close from where we are here in Pingtung .

I enjoyed my stay in Tainan and see the beautiful temples there. Some of my classmates are always inviting me to their home town so that they can show me the beauty of their home town and what they have which I am looking forward to as I am going to be learning more about the places around and their culture as well from the different places and  parts of the country.

I have also learnt a few history about the country and the people from here from my classmates.  I learnt about the aboriginal people and that they have quite a lot of aboriginal tribes around the country.  I have also learnt a few about the Taiwanese food which are famous or traditional like the stinky tofu and the chicken blood rice which I have tried as well and the bubble milk tea.  My classmates have also taught me about the Taiwanese years that there is the Chinese zodiac and I now even know that I am in the year of a tiger within the Chinese zodiac years. Obviously I also learn knew Mandarin vocabulary which I always have problems with as the pronunciations are not easy because there are four different tones which you have to master. I have also learnt a lot about the people themselves here in Taiwan that they are shy people but very friendly and always willing to help, they are patient people and I have learnt to be a bit more patient. I have also got that Taiwanese does not only speak Mandarin but also speak Hakka and Taiwanese hokkien, the following biggest city after Taipei is Kaohsiung and followed by Taichung which is in the central part and Kaohsiung in the Southern part close to Pingtung. I have also learnt that the Taiwanese girls like to have fair toned skin or light they are always covering their bod from the sun having face masks and umbrellas. 

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