It is my third year in Taiwan now, times flies so fast. There is lots of things that I still curious about this beautiful place.  

As a foreigner, when the first time I arrived in Kaohsiung airport I felt so lonely and always worry that I can survived or not.  I'm worrying how to get new friends, since I do not know anybody in Taiwan.  However, I met lots of nice people here, my department office staff, dorm-mate and also classmates.  

Hence, I joined international program, I just have view Taiwanese friends in class.  But I have several friends from my lab-mates.  We meet every week during the study meeting class. They are very nice people; they always teach us how to speak simple words, especially for buying a food and other stuff. Else, without and hesitations they introduce about their culture and guide us to some hospitality in Taiwan.

The latest thing that they taught me was how to cook Tang Yuan Soup.  In the first day of winter usually they has winter party, which is eat Tang Yuan soup together with their friends or family.  Actually it is not the first time to me to eat Tang Yuan.  I ate that several times before.  But I never make it by myself,  just bought it from the store.  However last week, my Professor invites all her students to cook and eat Tang Yuan together.  It were the first time for me.  

When I saw them cook it seems so simple, but when I trying to do it, I mess it and the peanut inside the ball just come out.  My Taiwanese friends teach me to always stir it carefully and put it in cold water to make it yummy.  We make this kind of soup for sweet one which I ever ate before and the salty on which is totally new for me.  The salty one a little bit strange for some foreign student, maybe because we never use to eat that soup. However, I really appreciate how they try to introduce and teach us something about their culture. But for me I like that salty Tang Yuan. Hahhaha.

There is always something new that we can learn from friends here.  Some we can accept it, but sometimes we felt it strange and different from our culture. But that the reason we study aboard to learn about others and open our mind. Therefore, to make it more meaningful we just have to always smile, be positive and behave. 

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