My name is Patricia Michelle Mendoza Molina, from Honduras, Comayagua, Siguatepque.  I am studying in National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, in my second year of master degree in the department of Tropical Agriculture.

I came to Taiwan a little bit nervous and not ready in my mind that I am going to another culture, other continent or other world.  And I never thought that for me will be at the begging a negative shock so I become very sick, but know I am much better. So this year I am trying to enjoy more, be more open and go more often to travel.

In my country we smile a lot and we are not very shy, so I really feel a big different.  So my mom starts tell me:  Michelle, smile every day and to everybody, so I feel very thankful with my mom because I meet my Taiwanese brother.  So then I start asking my brother a lot of questions and now I understand more Taiwanese people.  Now I feel like I find the best person in the world because he is stronger than me and he is in a wheelchair.  He is from Singapore but his father is Taiwanese and they live here in Taiwan.

I really don't have Taiwanese friend because maybe they are very shy.  But I like the way that they interact with each other and sometime I feel bad, because I wish to interact the same way with me.  But, if I have a question about the culture of Taiwan my brother explain to me, and I say yes this is other continent.  

I like to see them how they focus in everything they do, I like the dedication also in everything they do.  And I can see that all entire Taiwan people are fighting for Taiwan and make it a better country and more developed.  I really admire all the security in this university and in my dorm.   I had the opportunity to had two Taiwanese roommates, they were very calm, respectful and study hard. So they make me feel like I need to study more like them. Also, I have the opportunity to leave with other Asian people and I think Taiwanese are calmer.   Also, I have now in my master degree three Taiwanese girls classmates and they are more open because they are more familiar with international student, because they study the under grade in this department too. So they are friendlier and they always smile.  They try to leader the class because they have more experience is this university and in this university. So they really help all international students to answer all the questions for us. If they have time they go travel with us or they tell us where to go to travel. I always will admire the security that I can feel to have Taiwanese roommates. In addition, I always will admire the calm that I can feel in the room, to be comfortable and to study.

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