My name is Raphael Munthali, MSc. Degree student at National Cheng Kong University (NCKU). Am proud of my pursuit at Cheng Kong (Success) University.

It’s my pleasure to have this long awaited chance of making a words - garment for my Chinese teacher. It was in September last year that I joined NCKU. The chance of learning Chinese did not stop at orientation level but trickled down. The so called “Strange words” started to be strange no more as days, weeks and months elapsed.

It was in the late days of September, 2007 that I registered with the Chinese Language Center and one of the interesting things is that students are given a chance to choose a day/days to study the language which provides flexibility and good combination with other courses.

I chose to attend my Chinese classes in the afternoon of Mondays for three consecutive hours (15 to 18 Hours). This class was being taught by a linguist by the name “Wu Pei Wen.” This teacher has numerous skills that enable her described “Wonderful Teacher.” Besides Chinese, this teacher has a good command of other languages not excluding English. This paved a smooth way for better understanding of new words, especially during introductory phases of new chapters. This teacher has special skills in situation analysis and turning a dull atmosphere class into a lively one. Her good command of teaching gets seasoned in by gestures. She can also handle a class as an actress. Besides, the conversational approach as part of teaching enables students to practice and apply the learnt words in a day to day life. This does not rule out other approaches like pictorial, writing and listening to mention a few.

In collaboration with the department, she makes sure that appreciation of Chinese culture is not left out. This is factored in by organizing trips to ethnic and historic centers within and outside Tainan which brings a link between culture and language.

All these have assisted me to improve my Chinese language learning.

But as a class, we did not finish the whole year with this wonderful teacher. The root cause was that the class attendance dwindled, especially in the second semester. This prompted the cancellation of our class and few of us (6/12) who were attending for this class had to join the other class. I had a good time for one and a half semesters but the remaining quarter was not a smooth one as I had to acclimatize myself with the seasoning ins used by the second teacher. After disbandment of our class, this teacher picked up administrative work within the Chinese Language Center.

This teacher gets along quite well with students such that when outside classes she can make jokes, tell stories and so on. Being the only child in the family, she wishes to bear the title of being a “child” for long so that parents keep on showering new year’s gifts on her which I consider a mere joke.

Amongst her likes are travelling, site seeing and shopping.