During the last academic year, I knew three Chinese teachers. All of them were women having the difficult mission to remove my blindness, my muteness and my deafness in that language. I am going talk about two of them.

It was in Taipei at NTNU, I met my first Chinese teacher during the orientation. Her name is Lǚ Pēi Jūn. I congratulate those who chose her to teach us the basic Chinese at that time. She remains unforgettable in on my memory, not only by her beauty and her elegance but also by her art of teaching.

Indeed, her beauty is comparable to the Haitian woman, Choucoune sung by the Haitian poet Oswald Durand. She was sexy, had a normal height, walking slightly and talking with a gracious and sweet voice. I confess my hidden love for that divine creature, a student love for his teacher, a love at first sight without her knowing. You can imagine how she moved my keenest desire to learn Chinese, specially pinyin what she was teaching. Unfortunately, this nice feeling of seeing her, fed by the presence every day in the class, was cut short on September 2007 when I had to move to Tainan to join my School NCKU.

Her art of teaching also proved to be very interesting. The method, I think, is knowing-on-action converted every time into knowing-in-action. During the class she takes some minutes to explain the lesson and invites the students to repeat the sentences, the words and expressions, pronunciation and to find out the meanings. That phase constitutes knowing-on-action. Comes after the second phase, what I call knowing-in-action. It was the most challenging because it is more practical. It consists of an attraction between the teacher and the students and between the students themselves as well. The teacher can designate anyone to read, to answer some questions and compose sentences related to his daily life. I still remember the first sentences I composed in Chinese pinyin: Nǐ hǎo, Wǒ jiào Wèndé, wǒ cóng Hǎidì lái. Oh! How challenging it is when for the first time you are pronouncing these expressions or sentences!

In Tainan, at NCKU, the one having the greatest influence on my Chinese is Wú Pèi Wén, presented in the photograh, my Chinese teacher at the Language Center. First all, let me talk about the qualities displayed by this woman. I cannot forget her kindness, her charm, her enthusiasm and her sympathy. Her face with a nice smile looks like the flowers blossoming at sunrise. She is not only a Chinese teacher, but also a friend of her students. How many times she invited us to take dinner together! But every time my shyness refrained me to go. Should I forget her humor when the students don’t do things well? Should I forget the friendship atmosphere she created in the class? By doing so she helps us to overcome the tiredness of learning Chinese. Truly, she refutes my misconceptions about Taiwanese women. Because before I did think they are not charming, they are not enthusiastic.

With Wú Pèi Wén at NCKU, it is another level of Chinese I was learning. It was both pinyin and Chinese characters. I was eager to seize the opportunity to know them despite the constraints of the program of the school; because in Haiti, when something is very difficult, incomprehensible, especially in mathematics, they ask whether it is Chinese.

The first homework she gave: writing characters! I spent an entire week doing this assignment. How painful it was! But as the program went on, I took a little pleasure to write the characters. I realized that to write Chinese characters we have to draw a lot of lines, triangles, rectangles etc. That is why I call it the language with “geometric writings”.

Her art of teaching is also what I call knowing-on-action and knowing-in-action. The difference is that I had time to see the assignments in the second phase of her method, because I was learning Chinese with her for one academic year. Moreover, it is interesting to see her writing the characters. It looks like a game, making it very enjoyable.

I strongly think that Wú Pèi Wén and Lǚ Pēi Jūn are among the best Chinese teachers in Taiwan.