Imagine you are walking on a street almost alone, it’s bit dark. You can hear something, you can’t distinguish what it is, so you keep walking. When you get to the corner you can see clearly. There are lights everywhere, you get stunned by the brightness and colorful environment of the place. The voice of many people combine. There are so many different smells you can detect and some of them are unforgettable. And, as you keep walking in to this place you encounter different things. The first one is food and beverages. You can find a vast diversity of tea to drink; there are places that sell smoothies of fruits. For the food, there are many options starting from sausage, passing through octopus’ balls, and ending with the famous stinky tofu. But wait, you were walking to buy some small things at some store.

There is no problem, many products are sold in this place: you want a phone charger, a battery fan, a selfie stick, they have it. Are you more into clothing? They have blouses, pants, hats, and even underwear. You were looking for something cute to cover the phone, this is the place. You are getting bored because you are not hungry or don’t want to buy anything, there are games there, too. You can play and win many kinds of dolls and teddy bears. This place is wonderful, so the time passes faster than you think and it's time to go home, so you sadly go out and say goodbye to the new place you found.

The night market culture is really nice, I personally found it as a place to go and have some fun. I enjoy eating at there and I can get different types of food at the same time. So, it is like being on an all you can eat buffet, except that you have to pay in each station. Part of the culture of the market is that if you see a large line is because the food is good there, otherwise no one will wait for so long. The places are safe, so you can go focusing on what you want, buy things!

Some people would prefer to a store and buy clothing and their technology items at 3C. Buying on a night market is not only buying, it is an experience, too. It is being outside, sometimes is hot, sometimes is cold. You can say to the salesman pianyi pianyi (便宜, 便宜) and the person will make a discount for you, you get there with satisfaction of getting a good deal.

These places are so visited by many people every day, some of them start from 5 pm and end close to midnight. They open most of the day specially during the weekends. Some days the people are too many, and it is a bit hard to walk between everyone, but that doesn’t stop to many persons to go there, walk, eat, drink and buy.

I enjoy being on a night market. I had the opportunity of being in different night markets in Taiwan. One of my favorites is the Hualien night market. It is huge and pretty, and also I cannot forget the famous Shilin night market.