My experience with Night markets has been very good, as a person who loves eating night markets represent the perfect chance to try new food as also interacting with locals. Although my Chinese is yet very bad, I find interesting the interaction with the people trying to explain me about the food. Also, I got to realize that studying formal Chinese as we do in school, is different from experience talking with people in the street every day, which makes me focus on trying to understand and improve my speaking.

From a different perspective, night markets are actually very familiar to me since in my home country we have a similar concept. Back in my home country, Nicaraguan Oriental Market is the place where you can find all you need in the same area, with the differences that they open in early morning and close late noon, and with major distinction that night markets are safer and ordered. With this description, I think is very easy to understand why I like night markets. In Shillin night market I can spend hours looking at the different dishes they offer, before to decide what I am going to try next. The games seem to be a great way for younger people to spend their free time and relax. Personally, Shillin is my favorite night market because it has all I described at the lower price compared with other night markets in Taipei, and for visitors I think is the best place to buy souvenirs. 

From a different perspective, night markets are a great place to learn about Taiwanese culture. You walk around and see so much from clothes, jewelry, handicrafts and food. In each store you can stop and ask about any item and people will kindly explain about the origin of any traditional item, or something simple like a Chinese character in a t-shirt.

Summarizing, night markets are a great place for trying new food and learning about the local way of living when you are new in Taiwan, or spend any Friday night eating new food with milk tea while walking around the stores.