How do you see the night market culture in Taiwan

An experience in the night shared in night and day

For a boy from a small country in Central America known as Belize with a thriving population of a little over 350,000, when a person say ‘market’ the thinking goes directly on fish, vegetables and fruits, and for sure the word night play no role in that because by sunset the doors of our markets are closed and even those without doors would have been gone by night. However, once in Taiwan all that preconception was given extreme denial and total correction to that once held assumption.

The night market here in Taiwan is more than fishes, fruits and vegetables. I see the night market culture more than a way of life; Surely, it is one where the local families, tourists, students, entrepreneurs, elders, cab drivers, youths, children and the population at large interact through an available means for socialization after a day work or an un avoiding busy day of studies, report writing, group work, business meeting or an exam.

In addition to this, the night market provides an ease and comfort to the mind knowing that something is always available to enjoy in the sometimes long nights. From a freshly taste of lemonade, black tea, milk tea or a soothing scoop of ice cream of numerous flavors, or a glass of smoothies,  or just a hotly prepared serving of bar-b- que pork or chicken , stinky  tofu, fry octopus, noodle soup, omelet, or maybe a game of shooting balloons, or a dart game or the choice of getting a  souvenir of the history of Taiwan, or purchasing that headphone that you had always wanted or at least finally putting hands on that jacket that the winter will surely respect.

Furthermore, the night market is more than just a culture or a way of life, it creates business opportunities for Taiwanese and at the same time it serves as a source of employment in the world of business. For the attendees like me you get an opportunity to get firsthand experience of the Taiwan experience in one confine area while meeting new people at the same time learning a two or three Chinese words or if lucks prevail somebody might mistake me for Barrack Obama and pose for a picture with me.

The experience at the Night Market in Taiwan whether it be at Shilin, Gonguan or Tainan is authentic. So therefore, I see the night market culture in Taiwan as one with its relevance rooted in its ability to provide first hand contact with the most important resources available to an country, which is its people, a people working together to ensure prosperity and empowerment. A clear and realistic example of nation building through interaction and socializing whilst ensuring economic opportunities.  It is as simple as this, to be in Taiwan and not going to a night market is like calling yourself a vegetarian who do not eat vegetables.