The moment I step into Taiwan’s night market culture, it immediate give me the sense of what Taiwanese culture is like, that is by experience the culture through type of cuisines, street foods and goods sold at the markets from five pieces of sugar cake going for 30NT$ to fried delicious shrimps with fowls eggs wrapped into it, as to name this as few, and many more yet be to taste. And I have to see local merchandiser and craftsmen/women selling their goods which promote Taiwan culture through artwork behind their product. It is a place that has both significance for sight-seeing and leisure.

My curiosity of the Taiwanese night market lend me to explore the night market in Formosa Boulevard where the famous Liuhe and Nanhua Night Market comes alive at night hours. I had to visit this place for the reasons of sight-seeing as it was famously mentioned over the internet and social media as a must place to visit during a stay or visit in Kaohsiung,Taiwan and was the time I had to try the famous stinky tofu where I hear so much about . When touring the market place, I eventually found that the market also offers fun game stalls such as dart throwing and mini pinball shooting of balloons as some of these fun things to do and I must say it is also a place for fun and leisure after all the shopping and eating here. There are of many kinds of delicious food that I get to choose from paper pork to sea food like fried squids and shrimps which are delicious Taiwanese street food which I talk about next.

How I see the night market life in Taiwan is that it attracts travellers, foreigners and even foreigner students to experience a taste of all types of Taiwanese food all brought into a central location. And to have it during night hours is a great time where people are free from normal working and studying hours to come together and experience delicious cuisines and fresh cooked, fried and barbeque food on stalls. The variety of food gives you the option to choose among many and it is where foreigners will begin their journey to learning and exploring their taste of Taiwanese food. Apart from food, there are also stalls that sell items like Taiwan T-shirts to keychains which are great souvenirs to take home. In a way, it brings people together to socialise where you get to chat with locals within the area during a great meal or past time for a quick snack.

The culture in the market I see is not just the eating and buying of goods but it is also a place to socialise and spend bonding time. Families, friends or youth find time to come to the night market to have fun time and enjoy themselves to the treats the stalls offers. This is where bonding time and socializing take place between family and even foreigners get to experience social life more here. The fun gaming stalls here is a good setup in the market to make the social experience much more fun for families and individuals to have a great bonding time after a tasty meal.

After all that has been said, in overall, I see the night market culture as a way that brings people together, when the foods stalls offers delight meals while socializing, sight-seeing and fun time is spent both by local and foreigner and after the end of the night, souvenir are bought and taken home as a great time reminder of the night market culture in Taiwan.