Night market in Taiwan is one the best place to spend your night life. There are over 100 night markets in Taiwan and there are many famous night markets such as Shilin Night Market in Taipei, Raohe Street Night Market in Taipei, Keelung Temple Night Market in Keelung and etc. Taiwanese night market is very famous for food. There are tons of different kind of food that you can find in the market including all kind of snacks and drinks. However, if you are not into food, you can also go there for shopping and play some local games. There are many vendors that are selling cloths, electronics, toys and etc.

I found night markets in Taiwan are very lively and full of energy. I notice many Taiwanese people like to visit night market, not necessary to buy food but just to look around and hang out with friends. Back in my home country (Thailand), there are also some night markets but the main theme for most of the night markets are for people who wants to go shopping. There are not as many vendors selling food in Thailand as in Taiwan. I also found that night market in Taiwan seems to be much cleaner than the night market at home. When I was in my country, it is very important to make sure about the cleanness before I decide to buy some food however, I feel very safe to try most of the food in Taiwan. My favorite night market in Taiwan is Hualien Tungtamen Night Market. The size of the night market is not too big and not too small, the lane for people to walk are very spacious and it locates right beside the Pacific Ocean!! I also impressed with how the three market lanes are organized. The three main market lanes are Futing Market (Taiwanese food), Aboriginal Street (native Aboriginal food), and a street representing the foods from all provinces of mainland China. So there are so many choices of food I can choose from. My favorite night market food are Stinky Tofu (臭豆腐) and Taiwanese Oyster Omelet(蚵仔煎).  One of the interesting face that I learn in Taiwan is Taiwanese people like to queue especially when they are waiting to buy something in the night market. So if I don’t know what kind of food to buy in the night market, I can follow a long line in the night market.

At the end, I found that night market becomes a part of Taiwanese culture that Taiwanese people see it as part of the society. I want to recommend everyone to visit night market at least once when they are in Taiwan. Beside tasting all kinds of delicious food, you can also learn about Taiwanese culture. Look around and notice the way how local people live and react to each other.