When one travels, it is only natural to want to try the country’s gastronomy and experience its culture. If there is something I must say about the night markets in Taiwan is that they are the perfect place to achieve both of these things; it is an ideal place to go to for everyone wanting to experience the Taiwanese culture. These markets also offer a wide range of electronic, clothing and general products that provide for a perfect place to shop and to buy souvenirs if you need to. Additionally, you can find fun games and enjoyable activities for people of all ages. Whether you are young or old, local or foreigner, visiting a night market by yourself or with family or friends, Taiwanese night markets are a great environment for all kind and groups of people.

In many other countries, in order to eat the country’s food, get a good sense of the nation’s culture, find good places to shop and have a pleasant time with companions, one has to go to different places, visit a variety of restaurants, look for different stores, travel great distances, and more. Undoubtedly, the night market culture in Taiwan comprises all of the latter environments, making it one of the most popular spots to visit in the nation and a must go to place for locals and foreigners, both tourists and those residing in the country.

Added to its popularity, night markets are extremely convenient because every good and service offered can be found at affordable prices and, as mentioned above, night markets are the sum of countless and enjoyable activities in solely one place. But it is not only the fact that you can find different activities, products and services in one place that makes night markets great but also the massive variety of options you have in each one of these categories. The best example for this is food. Whether it comes from stinky tofu, tasty chicken, bubble milk tea or shaved ice cream, every corner of a Taiwanese night market is characterized by a particular smell. One is able to try popular street food, famous dishes and all kinds of drinks, sweets and desserts from a variety of shops and food tents. And one of the best things about it is that besides everything being available at low prizes, these prices don’t change for the same product throughout the market, no matter where you buy it from.

Though I have not experienced Taiwan’s night market culture many times, I have had the opportunity of experiencing it in different cities; both in Taipei and in Tainan. These two cities represent two very different areas and environments of the country. Being the capital city of the country, the night market in Taipei is not only characterized by locals wanting to have a good time, but also by foreigners wandering around wanting to experience a little bit of what Taiwan has to offer. On the other hand, being a cultural and smaller city in the south of the country, Tainan’s night market is full of regular visitors whom are naturally locals. The experience in each city was different but the environment was enjoyable in its own particular way, once again making the night markets in Taiwan a versatile place to visit wherever you find yourself in the country.