Ta Jia Hao. It’s my first time visiting Taiwan (thank you for ICDF Scholarship). My name is Apriliani Siburian,I come from Indonesia, I’m a master nursing student in National Taipei University Nursing and Health Sciences (NTUNHS). At the first time I arrived in Taiwan, I don’t expect that this country will be so nice. I’m totally wrong. Taiwan is really beautiful country that consist of many things in the city (mountain, zoo, hotspring, nightmarket, etc). I can find traditional stuff and modern in the same time. I think Taiwan is an unique country. I saw that there are so many elderly work like young people. The citizens always patience for waiting something and just make a line. We can find easily a transportation to visit every place in Taiwan, especially in Taipei.

The island of Taiwan, formerly known as Formosa (which means beautiful island). Every day when I on my way to school by MRT, I’m really enjoyed every single moment outside the window that I can see. There are so many nice place that can visit in this country  but the most interesting place for me is Taiwan Night Market. I thought night market will be so bored  and patch up  but it’s not. I love the atmosphere and the location of the nightmarket. Nightmarket already open since afternoon until midnight. Wow, I got everything that I need in nightmarket.You can find plenty street food like stinky toffu (I will try this next time) and also convinient restaurant. You also can found a branded store. Actually this is not just a nightmarket, it is a place of pleasure. When the people in my country already slept, the number of visitors in nightmarket increase. I’m not only enjoying the moments but also do some shopping.

The night market is so worth it to visit. I can’t count how many times I already visit night market (Ximending, Rohe, Shillin, Kaohsiung and Tainan). The most convinience nightmarket for me is Ximending Night Market (I visit it everyday). The local citizens and seller really friendly when we ask something. I like chicken, shrimp and cake (and the price is reasonable). I think the Taiwanese is really appreciate the feroign, even they can’t speak english well, they will try to open the dictionary and give us explanation. We also can bargain the stuff that we want to buy. If you just want to eat and enjoy moments, just go to a convinience restaurant and sit for a long time(you will find plenty), the price is acceptable. You can watch much entertaintmen over there that provide by local or international citivens. Every weekend, Ximending is really crowded but I still can enjoy my time (youcan  just trying a sample of cosmetics in cheap store). I know it’s look so bad, but fun to do. I love do shopping in night market and trying a free food (tester). I found much products that made by Taiwan, and  also can find another product from another country such as Japan, Korea or US. I got much discount in the weekend.

Night market is not only a place to buy something but also a place that can give us happiness. The decoration, lighting and the people makes me want to visit it again and again. I enjoy every time I visit  night market. And the most important thing, most of the night market close to the MRT station, so it’s easy  to find  night market. Thank you for the Taiwan Government. 

This photo taken in Raohe Night Market. Every one looks so excited and happy after drink watermellon juice (its in summer).