Taiwan’s night markets: “The colorful treasures in the heart of Asia”

Night Markets in Taiwan are more than a simple place to exchange products for money; it represents a life style that is part of Taiwanese culture. Night markets are the perfect excuse to share with family, friends, and all your beloved ones. You can buy delicious and high quality food with affordable prices, while you walk and look around the welcoming atmosphere, you can observe families sharing time, laughing, telling anecdotes while eating and spending time with their kids, some other people playing games such as darts or fishing game, international and local type of music. It is also a perfect environment to practice Chinese language, Taiwanese people will be always opened to make friendship with foreigners and help them, and also they will be more than happy to introduce their gastronomic culture.

Once you have decided what type of food you want to eat, you can keep walking through the long street full of all type of different shops to see their offer from clothes, vegetables, fruits, massage services, ice-cream, shoes, cellphones, cosmetics, candies, bakery, tea, coffee, alcohol, and all type of Asian food you can imagine just to mention some of the products that you can find there.

According to the theory of the  competitive advantage of Michael Porter,  I would dare to say that the night markets in Taiwan are positioned in leadership  though their quality of services and products prices, besides the environment offered to the consumers  tries to cover individuals motivations which tends to satisfy the basic psychological needs as we can review in the Maslow's hierarchy of needs in the theory of human motivation, thus night markets are definitely  places that produce motivation to be entrepreneur, to make strategic alliances with possible providers of products in order to generate  your own business, to analyze the dynamic of the market mix the creativity, insight, and the skills that Taiwanese’s have to sell their products. And you do not have to worry about the security because it is a pretty safe place to walk around and to spend a lot of time at night on shopping.

Night markets are the “colorful treasures in the heart of Asia” because its streets are surrounded by multiple advertisements, lights, variety of atmospheres, music, and people.

Each night markets have their particular characteristics influenced by the customs of their local citizen you will find exotic culinary experiences in the food, smells, flavors, and shapes.

If you are coming to Taiwan you cannot miss the opportunity to go with your friends to enjoy the adventures of the night markets, you would be surprised about the  variety of things you will find, if you are ready to have good time, learning about the culture, gastronomy, fashion, practice Chinese language with the lovely people and being opened for the particular taste of the food you will fill motivated to explore each night market in every city, the more you know the more you will love them..