For the past six years of my student life in Taiwan, I’ve been living a life contrary to a life I’ve been raised in. I come from a country where in a general household, there can be more than ten people living together. I am raised in a home that is always crowded and noisy. You are never alone.  Living in a dormitory here in Taiwan; an environment where quietness is highly recommended as others might be sleeping or studying; it is unusual for me. Laughing, talking loudly, singing or playing music is strictly prohibited and you can get yourself in trouble if others report you. In the midst of silence, I am always lost in my own thoughts.

Despite the life I have been living as a student; in a dormitory; I’ve managed to find comfort and fun every time I go to the night market.

Night markets in Taiwan have always been my get away place whenever I feel stressed from study or feel homesick especially. It is a place where I can feel at home again just by immersing myself in the crowd and listen to people laughing and talking. It is a place where I can mingle amongst hundredths of people and make friends with the locals. Getting lost in the sound of people laughter and talking. For once in a while, I feel and witness the love and bonding between families sitting together for dinner and children playing games. Seeing everyone laughing and talking, it brought unto me the feeling of satisfaction and contentment.  It’s feels like home again.

In addition to that, the night market in Taiwan; it doesn’t matter how big or small it is; one can always find great tastes there from various kinds of local foods and drinks such as the famous stinky toufu (臭豆腐), deep fried chicken (雞排) and pearl milk tea (珍珠奶茶). It is also a place where one can get things at a very cheap and reasonable price; from clothes to shoes and to technology accessories like mobile phones, headphones, speakers and many others. The best thing about shopping at the night market is that, one can bargain with the shopkeeper. Usually when the locals know you are a student and obviously a foreigner, the shopkeepers are usually very helpful and kind and will eventually sell their item at a very cheap price. This is not very common though; unless; one can speak Chinese at a very good level where the locals really enjoy his or her presence as they can converse well and understand each other.

One visit to Taiwan night market and trust me; you will be addicted to that special kind of night life and you will want to go back there again and again. One will never get enough of it and I highly recommend it for someone who has never been there before; to give it a try and enjoy life in Taiwan.