This paper will briefly give an account of the Night Markets in Taiwan and what good and bad thing that are or could be found in the night market.  After the recommendation in the paper, suggesting will also be made to the night market culture of Taiwan. 

Good Things.
The night market in Taiwan has more positive thing and offers various choices of products ranging from clothes down to entertainment. Some of the common things that can be found in the Night Market in Taiwan are like the fried chicken, varieties food cooked in different styles and fashion are being offered to the residents of Taiwan and visitors at the very affordable price. The night market in Taiwan is very convenient for people studying and working in Taiwan because it saves time for them to go home and cook again. The night market culture in Taiwan is very good due to the fact the everything you need to buy will be offered to you at the very convenient place with better price.

Bad Things:
There are few bad things that are being observed about the night market in Taiwan is that the night market places are very crowded with people. You will be squeezed to get through and going alone with small children is very dangerous for the children to either get lost in the crowed or can possible be injured if pushed by the crowed. There is no control about the movement of people and causing difficulties or barrier for free movement. The other bad thing is that, the foods are not covered and the passing of people can cause dust into the food and it is in some percentage not healthy for consumption.

With several observations being made to the night market in Taiwan, I would recommend that the night market is very convenient and products sold at the night market are at the better price. It really saves the needs of many people and I think people like night market in Taiwan regardless of some few bad things. Also the night market culture of Taiwan should be practiced in other countries would be nice too.


I would suggest that if the authority would at least put come control measures in the night about the movement and also a scheduled opening and closing time would be nice.