Hi everyone, I am Dorothy Ann Tillett, from Belize. Coming to Taiwan has been an exciting journey which has taught me more than what I expected. One great aspect of Taiwan are the Night markets which is a very popular cultural event for both locals and tourist. There are too many night markets to count and visit. I have been in Taiwan only four months and so far I have visited around seven night markets in total including Tainan Garden Night Market which was my most favorite. I would say that I preferred the Garden night market due to the fact that they had a lot of food at a very cheap price. The people were so friendly and welcoming to us. When it was time to leave I did not want to leave. However, I remember my first night market experience was not as good as imagined. I had to get accustomed to the different food and the aroma in the air. Moreover, the first food I ate from a night market was Teppenjaki which I was not fund of. However, I was very excited about the variety of things that were on sale. I was surprised to see clothes that was at a very cheap price compared to my home country Belize. This made me want to visit more night markets.

Shilin Night Market located in Taipei is the most famous night market known to Taiwan. A group of friends from Japan who were visiting Taiwan and I visited and we had an amazing experience. We ate fruits that were prepared in an artistic way which was very delicious. This was a very big market, we walked around for about three hours but it did not feel that long because we were stopping at every shop to either eat or buy something. One of my hobbies is shopping, so I was overwhelmed and did not know when to stop. What was different about this night market is that the food court is located underground. There was too many great food to choose from; seafood, vegetarian, deserts, Japanese, Thailand, Taiwanese and many more flavors. Coming from a western country I was not aware that there was such a great diversity of food among Asia. My ultimate most favorite type of food is that of Thailand because they have a lot of spicy food. My visit to Shilin have introduced me to dumplings, squid, and Japanese curry which I have fell in love with.


On a whole, the night market have been an interesting scene for me. The only thing I can say that I dislike about all night markets is the Stinky Tofu. This is so only because it is a whole new smell and taste for me. I am trying to get use to the smell however, it is still not something I can say I enjoy about Taiwan. I think this is a normal thing for new tourist coming to Taiwan. Nonetheless, my goal is to try it before my time studying here is over. In conclusion, I enjoy spending time shopping and eating at night markets. Thank you.