It is said that “if you have never set foot in any night market in Taiwan, that means that you have never come to Taiwan”. The night market is one of the most unique cultural characteristic of Taiwanese citizens.

My first impression when I come to night market in Taiwan is cooking sound effect, the odor of food. Among hundreds of night market in Taiwan, I love Ningxia Night Market the most. Let me tell you why. The first and the most important reasons is you will be very die of hungry if you come to that night market. They serve you with hundred foods related to Taiwanese cuisine and Japanese cuisine which is all time looks very creative and delicious. One of my favorite food there is peanut spring roll cream.  Not only I but also my American professor who are accompany to me to visit that night market falling in love with this cream. That’s a perfect combination between peanut brittle shavings, some coriander (optional), and three scoops of ice cream wrapped up in a popiah “skin”. Another reason why I would love to come back Ningxia Night Market is the warm and cozy atmosphere of all of the street vendors here. Since my inadequate in Chinese, I feel languages never can be the barriers in night market.  There was a story that I never forget in night market. My friends bought some young mango which we supposed it to be really sour. Unfortunately, it somehow becomes sweet like a sugar. My friend did not like it much so he came to ask for change another kind of fruit. The street vendor at first cannot understand what he said in English and a little Chinese and so much body language. She agrees to exchange for him another pack of guava. Finally, night market play an important role in Taiwanese culture. After a hard working day, citizens come to night market to look for not only food but also can be socialize. With me, one of international students, it is very interesting to know that Taiwanese couple choose night market to date. Normally, in Vietnam, people love to immerse themselves in cafeteria and chat with their friend, we have quite a slow pace. However, in Taiwan, people can go to any night market and start to talk with their friends or their family or just simply purchase clothes, accessories technological devices.

Last but not least, I believe that each night market in Taiwan has its own character and its own specialties. For example, Keelung’s Miaokou Night Market is the destination for those who are a fan of sea food. Another famous night market is Shilin Night Market is one of the biggest in Taiwan is known for the serval food count at the end of the market. You should not miss that food court in your trip here. One more thing you may not is that, at the end of the day when you find your feet numbness due to long time waling, you can find so many kind of massage in any night market.
Finally, whatever stress I encounter during a day, I find Taiwan’s night market is one of the most worthy destination to explore and enjoy myself.