Labeling a teacher as good is certainly very subjective but I also still believe that there is some sort of agreement among students about what makes a good language teacher. I personally believe that a good teacher is one who loves being with their students and motivates them to succeed. But, I think, patience is above all the most important trait in a good teacher more especially a language one. I have observed that teaching a new language to an adult class is by no means an easy task. One needs patience to help the students master even the most basic pronunciation which is not easy given adults who are used to a different tongue throughout most of their life. Moreover I think a person who knows when students are struggling and solves their problems and makes the class fun is a good teacher. With this in mind, I consider my Chinese teacher with respect.


She is without doubt one of the best teachers I have ever had. And I think I shall always cherish the time she taught me Chinese. I like and appreciate her good command of Chinese grammar and phonology. I consider her a well prepared teacher because of how she explains things to us. She likes to correct us on pronunciation and grammar no matter how difficult this might be. I also noticed that she makes us feel as good students even though I do not consider myself to be as good as she says. Perhaps she says this to make us feel confident in learning the language. I think this motivates us to study hard.

I can also say that her lectures are well organized, interesting and her methods of teaching demonstrate the desirable teaching methods for our use. Her lovely personality also contributes to the success of her teaching and lessons but also helps us to have good time during her classes.

I find that teaching language is tricky because certainly a native speaker is not automatically an effective teacher. If fluency were the most important thing in language instruction then any native-speaker would make a good language teacher. But evidence shows that not all native speakers have been able to successfully transfer their knowledge to students.

Which is why I consider my Chinese teacher as exceptional and gifted. Students are eager to study under her because they enjoy her fun, down-to-earth and interactive teaching style. I've noticed that even shy students are motivated by her to speak up in her class.

In a nutshell, I believe that to be a teacher is equivalent to be an example of patience, hard working, and devotion. If a teacher has just a little bit from these qualities, then everything will turn out just fine. A person who does not get upset in few minutes, who can stand to repeat the same thing over and over again, suits the perfect language teacher for me. I view my Chinese teacher along these lines.

Finally I think I like my teacher and have learned a lot of things from her because of her outstanding technical knowledge, interpersonal skills and personal qualities. I am convinced that she has Good technical knowledge because she shows understanding of the mechanics of the Chinese language, such as phonology and grammar.

She has proved an effective Chinese teacher because of her interpersonal skills to engage students through enthusiasm and humour, valuing the opinions and abilities of students, and seeking opportunities to share ideas with us.

I also appreciate her flexibility, sometimes changing her schedule in order to accommodate students’ schedules. I consider the time she taught me as a blessing and priceless.