National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) is an outstanding academy engaged in cultivating great teachers, in Taiwan, who are capable of developing students for the job market. In recent years, NTNU is becoming an international and diversified comprehensive university. In addition to fostering great teachers, there are many new departments that have been set up to adapt to academic development and social transition. NTNU continues to establish these new departments in order to align with the present trend in technology and management fields. Besides these departments, NTNU also manages several famous language centers, like Mandarin Training Center. Here, Taiwanese or foreigners can join these international environments to make progresses. They welcome any person who wishes to explore foreign languages and cultures. Moreover, NTNU is located in the cultural and learning center of Taipei City. In Taipei there are abundant learning resources that have the advantages of teachers, equipments and activities. Because of this abundance of resources, students from all way of life and foreign origin are coming from far distance places and countries. Therefore, it is vital for NTNU to continue on its path to internationalization and never turn back.

Graduate and Postgraduate Scholarship Program has been implemented for four years by International Cooperation and Development Fund and International Workforce Education and Development Department of NTNU. Those international students who take this program have to put into practice what they have been learned and devoted themselves to service their country after graduating from schools.

International students always face the problems of accommodating the environment due to cultural difference, and these students might come up with difficulties and can not get used to the different culture in learning process or getting together with classmates. Taiwan International Cooperation Alliance (TICA) report sets “My Learning Experience in Taiwan” as the topic this time and hopes International students can reveal their thoughts so we could know their experience about professional programs, language learning and life, and we would know better their difficulties and assistance needed and concern about them; Let them get used to learn better of the gap of cross culture, and gain a lot and have good time in Taiwan during this period of learning time. And it is the main purpose of the scholarship we set.

Yih-Shun Guo, Principal, National Taiwan Normal University