Under the trend of globalization, the degree of internationalization of each individual is an important factor to decide its survival nowadays. As a provider of higher education, we are under no exception. Developing new-century leaders with humane and cultural care, professional knowledge, creativity, and international vision is the educational goal of National Chengchi University. Therefore, at the same time when cultivating students’ broadness and profession, actively building up an international campus to become a world-class university is the significant and the long-term emphasis on the governess of Chengchi.

At the time of promoting the internationalization of the campus, we feel honored to be a member of the Taiwan International Cooperation Alliance where we get support and learn from TaiwanICDF and alliance universities to work together on the internationalization of higher education in Taiwan. With the effort paid for years, the internationalization of Chengchi has achieved some accomplishment. On one hand, we establish sister school alliance with world leading universities, encourage exchange programs for faculty and students, and establish dual degree programs and many teaching and research cooperation. On the other, several English taught programs in business management, Taiwan study, China study, and international communication are delivered to create an English learning environment to domestic students and to receive international students so that we can create a small globe learning environment to bring students a broader international vision and develop them the attitude to appreciate the diversity from multiple cultures.

With more and more international students joining the campus, it not only shows us the harmony inspired by multiple cultures and also becomes an inner strength to accelerate the internationalization of the campus. Instead of enjoying multiple cultures brought by the international students, we also expect all of them can have a wonderful Taiwan Experience that combines academic growth, culture and nature during their study in Taiwan. For this issue of TICA newsletter, we will catch the theme as travel experience sharing for TICA students to elaborate the culture and nature beauty they experienced in the travels.

The scholarship cooperation between TaiwanICDF and National Chengchi University has lasted for seven years. We truly appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow with TaiwanICDF and every TICA university. We will keep striving with TICA members to further create international communication and cooperation for Taiwan’s higher education and to become the first-class education provider in the world.

President Se-Hua Wu, National Chengchi University
National Chengchi University