I call it the Kamikaze Park, this is definitely not the real name for this area, but there is an old Japanese warplane that sits silently nearby. What makes this area the most beautiful spot at my University is not the place itself, it is an ordinary looking flat open space lawn, and there is nothing spectacular about the scenery. But it is the people that visit this place that makes it come to life. Within my University I can see not only students going about their everyday lives, but when I pass by this location I am drawn by the sounds of laughter, the sounds that only comes from joy; the sounds of children kicking a football with their parents, or friends just throwing a baseball, or playing with a frisbee, for the fun of just doing so. You see in their eyes this glow of pure happiness that makes anyone feel warm inside.

During one weekend, I have even seen a pig visiting this area, he was well dressed with a little shirt, everyone was looking at him, and his owners treated him as their pet. I find it strange to see how anyone would have a pig as a pet, but I am now realizing why people say that all things are possible. I have also seen some teenagers playing with their friend who cannot walk. He was sitting in an electric wheelchair and they were dashing around, behind and in front of him while he was driving in the wheelchair. It felt so nice to see how these teenagers were playing with their friend, when they could have ignored him, or not even have brought him along with them.

Being at this spot sort of makes me feel like I am at home. I see and can even feel the love and joy that is shared by those kids, parents, brothers, sisters, friends, and even lovers that come to this area, and it is because of the way I see this, that makes this location the most beautiful place at my University.

I must also add that I would do injustice to the many other lovely and beautiful places at the National Taiwan University if I did not mention about them. These include the Drunken Moon Pond, which is undoubtedly one of the most romantic spot in NTU; there is also our main Library which is a masterpiece of Baroque architecture situated in front of the famous Royal Palm Boulevard. Equally scenic is the Eco-Pond who has a beauty of its own, where birds, insects and duck, like me, can’t seem to get enough of being at this place. So if you ever have an opportunity to pass by the Da-an District, please feel free to enter the National Taiwan University, it is a little garden in this vibrant city of Taipei.