Visiting new parts of the country was amazing. Never expected that Taiwan had so many natural resources, or at least they have. Rocky Mountains, white-sand beaches, and small towns were the active ingredients to deliver a very south-flavor. I will recall my whole trip since leaving Taipei. First, Grace guided the driver to pick us up to the mountains of the campus which is closed to my dorm. Then we went directly to the Chung Zhang Airport, which is the domestic airport of Taiwan. We were lucky to count with other group of students coming from NCU (National Central University) as we soon developed good relationship. Well, continuing our journey, at the plane someone thought I was the translator, I guess he thought that since all the other people’s faces were foreign; I was assigned to help them out. Never mind, We arrived Taitung (the first stop) in a very short-lead of time like one hour.

The tourism development in Taiwan is good. At the beginning I thought that the airport was going to be so-so and not so developed. I guess I realized the whole opposite idea the impression was really good. Then we took the worst one-hour trip in a boat that I can ever recall on any trip. IT was awful, of course, no one’s fault, some unavoidable circumstances. But, my mp3 player helped me a lot to focus on the music and not other lousy noises. We launched to Green Island port, we immediately took control of some scooters and rode to the our hostel. It wasn’t my first time riding a scooter, but it was my third time riding it. We arrived in 3 minutes to the hostel. We promptly drop all the bags in the hostel and went to several sightseeing places. We went to some lakes, lighthouse; that was during the day. The restaurants that we went were average, I think in Taipei I can have better food. But the midnight adventure was really good, we went into the deer hunting, guided by a local person. We were around 6 scooters, riding around the whole Island during midnight. The Island is not as a big as it looks like, you can ride it in around one hour. It was pretty impressive, how formidable it is. A lot of people riding, like a triad. Everyone with the same objective, looking for new adventures and local learning.

That night we arrived very late, but, everyone was still excited about the trip. Next day, we would have to wake up very early and go to the Chinese Jacuzzi to watch the dawn. Then after that, I guess it’s like an Chinese tradition to use the boiled water to boil eggs. But, well, I am not an egg-fan so I prefer going to the Spa and enjoying the nature’s benefits. IT was pretty cozy and comfortable to be there and hang out with friends. Then, we went to the top of the mountain to see the whole landscape of the whole island. It was very impressive, as I said before…Taiwan’s minimum natural resources is for some countries to be jealous. My friend Selin saw a couple of cows I think. He took some pictures, I will tell him to send it to you. In our way back, we were all tired because we stood up very early and everyone was falling asleep. In our hostel, everyone was trying to take a nap, but of course..The sense of been traveling, gives us energy to be awake and just hang out in the place at least, I slept around 20 minutes). Some people were worried about our way back to Taipei. Especially, the one-hour boat trip to Taitung, everyone was getting ready for the worst, you could see people buying medicines, and avoiding to eat just before the trip. IT was pretty funny, but the trip was not that bad, it was pretty good, I think everyone was very tired, and slept the whole hour. But well, the trip was pretty interesting, I think what makes it a trip is the desire of everyone to spend a good time. Of course, the place and the whole organization were the key point of everything, but indeed, I am really grateful about the whole effort given for this trip.