I found my first experience with typhoon very interesting, because in my country, which is El Salvador, we do not have this kind of natural events, we have rains that can last for 2 or 3 days but there is not so much wind as typhoons bring, so when I heard one was coming, I was excited to know I would experience one.

So I could see the sky as it was getting dark on the first day and it was getting windier and I could see the clouds moving faster, I think it was a little scary to see all that, then it started to drizzle at that moment I was coming back from the university, it was getting windier and windier from that moment, it did not stop raining for 2 or 3 days, so I had to be in my room for long hours, which was good because I had to read some articles for the different classes I am taking but when I got bored I would watch through the window and I could see how the wind moved the trees and almost broke them. Sometimes I would come down to the lobby of our dorm to watch a movie and there were some Taiwanese people watching the news in Chinese of course, so I would ask them what the situation was, it was amazing to see how in different parts of Taiwan the rain was causing damages to streets, people’s houses, there were some flood slides, the police was working hard to rescue some people that were in danger.

The only time me and my friends would go out was to get some food, that was funny because we had only bought very low quality umbrellas, which would turn inside out as the wind hit them, which helped us decide that we needed raincoats instead of those umbrellas to survive here in Taiwan. One of the situations I remember is one night we did not have food in our dorm so we decided to go out, actually it was during the hardest part of the typhoon and most of the places were closed so we were going from one place to another looking for the food we know how to order, but the restaurants were all closed so we decided to buy instant soups, now we have learned that as soon as we hear a new typhoon is coming , we need to get supplies for a couple of days, otherwise we will be in the same situation.

In general, I think typhoon are part of this region and Taiwanese people are very used to them or at least, that is what I can sense, because sometimes they say, you know what a new typhoon is coming, but they do not seem to be worried about them, I think people in my country would be very frightened if something like this happened.

So this was just my first experience now I know what they are like, I know what I have to do and what I do not have to do, as far as I know there will be one or more coming, I just hope they do not cause any damage to people or their belongings , which sometimes is impossible.

For those of us, who have just come to this beautiful country, we have to get used to them, as everyone else has done, because even though things like this happen at every moment, that is not a reason for not enjoying being with people and going to the different nice places that are available here in Taiwan.