One of the most wanted emails I was waiting for: “The official schedule for our trip to Green Island and Taitung.” With excitement, we headed to Taitung by airplance on May 31rst. We were a group of students from NCCU and NTU and off course our managers. Our schedule was very tied but interesting. Before getting to Green Island, all began by visiting the National Museum of Prehistory. During our visit to the museum, we learned that those Taiwanese aborigines made a great contribution to the Taiwanese culture; a culture rich in religious beliefs and art crafts which they pass on not only to their descendents but to every foreigner through this amazing museum. How these aboriginals evolve through time up to the point of becoming part of the Taiwanese workforce, made on me a really big impression. They realize that to keep their families they had to become part of the society. Along Taitung we found the Village of Bu-nun Aboriginal Tribe in which you could appreciate for about twenty minutes some of their traditional songs that are play with pleasant piano melodies. We also visited the Chu-Lu Patureland a cow farm in which we tasted fresh milk and vanilla ice cream. We also saw a cute gift shop and white cows with black spots (not too difficult to find in our countries!) ready to take a picture with the visitors! People were also able to take a pony ride for 300NTs and up. Later, we explored the Taitung Forest Park through a bike ride. This park could be rated as an excellent place for jogging and to relax from the every day heavy duties.

Before arriving to Green Island early in the morning, we stay one night in Taitung at a hostel that consist of a duplex with several rooms and beds. A pretty nice house to spend the night but some of us had to sleep on the floor and others (including myself) had to share the bed with other member of the group form the same sex. It seemed that the budget for the trip was a little bit short nevertheless we always had our three meals, a decent place to sleep and transportation. At nine thirty, we were departing from the port in a big boat. I found quite strange why in front of every single chair was hanging a plastic bag but after five minutes I got the answer. Unfortunately, the boat was moving in such ways that cause several passengers to throw out what ever they had on their stomachs. This ride was my longest forty five minutes on a boat ever! At Green Island we drove scooters to get to our hostel (actually this was our type of transportation for the island). We did a lot of site seeing around the island during the day and night which I found breath taking. Also, we enjoyed several activities such as: snorkelling and watch the sunrise in the hot springs. For snorkelling we had to use a diving suit and two life guard were all the time with us. After snorkelling, our managers took us to a tasty and all you can eat Korean BBQ. Even though we were exhausting from snorkelling and the night tour our the island, we woke up at four o’clock in the morning to go to the hot spring pools to watch the sunrise. What is it really worth it? Yes, the sunrise was like a perfect picture that I will never forget. The place was very relaxing. We could bath in four pools which each one of them has a unique temperature. Around the pool you can find pressure water massagers for the all body. Green Island is an excellent place to go and relax during a weekend and to appreciate the wonders of nature. We should try to do this type of trip more often to discover more about Taiwan, to interact with others ICDF students and with our managers because we never know what we can gain from this type of experience that could help us in our personal and professional life. Thanks for ICDF for giving us the opportunity to be part of this great getaway.