It was an ideal time to be getting away as I had just finished writing my Digital Image Processing midterm. The ICDF group was on their way to Penguin for the weekend. After a short plane ride we hopped onto a waiting bus, where we were given a tour of the area. We made frequent stops to take pictures of the surrounding sites. Most of the sites were quite natural with green grass and tall trees, as well as getting an excellent view of the sea. It actually reminded me of Belize. I got a chance to taste the famous cactus ice cream that I had heard some much about, and although I had my reservations about tasting anything made from the fruit of the cactus tree, I was pleasantly surprised as it tasted really delicious in fact I helped myself to a second serving. The Oceanic long span bridge was quite a site and its vastness really left an impression on me. While at the bridge one of our colleagues from Swaziland was getting numerous requests to be photographed with the locals. The locals were really enthusiastic about being photographed with an African visitor. Writing about it now makes it feel like it just happened yesterday. After our long tour we finally checked into our hotel. Lucky for the guys we all got our own rooms. I do love the privacy that it affords. As it was already dinnertime when we checked in, we all decided to go out and have dinner. I took that opportunity to sample some of the local food that was being sold on the street corner. I settled on some nice tasting Tofu and roasted corn that I bought from a stall run by a very nice old lady. After dinner some of us went to the near by park where we were entertained by an amateur band that was performing reggae music. After the performance ended I headed off to see the fireworks that were taking place. I had never before witnessed such a massive display of artistry and creativity in a fire show. It really was breath taking and luckily for me I had brought my camera so I got a few got shots to remember. Bedtime could not have come any sooner as we went back to the hotel to get some well deserved sleep.

We had an early breakfast and headed out to get a boat tour of the surrounding islands. The boat ride was nice as we could see the sea and have a look at the other sea vessels traveling the seas at the same time as us. However when I got on the boat there was no vacant seat inside the boat, so I had to sit towards the back where I became drenched by the waters as we went on our way, lucky for me I had decided on wearing shorts and slippers so the constant splashing of water was not to bad. We visited about five of the sixty four surrounding islands, and believe me when I say that I would have enjoyed living on these islands as they had excellent views of the sea and the people that we met there had excellent characters. We spend a lot of time in the boat as the islands are a bit far from each other so many of us listened to music or chatted with other passengers. After exhausting our boat ride, we decided to head back to the hotel. On our way back almost everybody was sleeping, as it had been a long day. On arrival at the hotel I had a shower, a change of clothes and went to get some dinner. The next morning we got on the bus and headed back to Hsinchu. The trip overall was excellent and it also gave me a chance to see more of beautiful Taiwan. Hopefully I can get to see Penghu one more time before my stay in Taiwan is over.