According to the Wikipedia online encyclopedia Typhoon can be defined as a tropical cyclone that forms in the northwestern Pacific Ocean. Typhoon seasons include the entirety of the calendar year; however, most storms tend to form between May and November. The word "typhoon" comes from the Chinese word tái fēng or toifung. Also, in Greek mythology Typhon, who is the final son of Gaia, and fathered by Tartarus, the god of wind. Typhon attempts to replace Zeus as the king of gods and men. Typhon was described as the largest and most grotesque of all creatures that have ever lived, having a hundred serpent heads; however, he was defeated by Zeus who crushed Mount Etna on him. Just great food for thought!

Initially, I heard of an approaching typhoon from one of my classmates. She said that a Typhoon was coming to Taiwan; she said it was a big one and that I must be careful when I go outside. Also, I must buy some food items and just keep in tuned with the media.

Wow! this must be a big thing I said to myself , so I did just as was advised. I went and purchased some dry food items, a couple of assorted beverages and a phone card just in case. I was really preparing for a worst case scenario. In reality I was upholding the Girl Scouts Motto which teaches to always be prepared, and yes I was. I think? Don’t forget it’s my first time.

Moreover, in Belize, my family and I are frequently impacted from Typhoons or Hurricanes as how we call it because of our location. The season for us begins in June and ends in November. During this time, my family and I are always on the alert, when a hurricane is coming in our direction we must relocate because in front of sea is a risky place to be in such a time. In addition, my mother would never allow us to challenge nature even though my sister and I wanted to. We longed to experience watching the sea, the changes that occurs or even see if the fish gets crazy and swim on top of the water or whatever, our imagination would always indulge in those ideas.

After coming from the nearest Seven Eleven store with my bag filled with my groceries, I noticed my roommates watching me. One of them was brave enough to ask why I bought all those stuff. I told her because of the typhoon she look at me in a strange manner. My explanation would be because of my Belizean culture, in Belize, all the stores closes when a massive hurricane is coming because then everyone are looking for safe refuge. I guess I bought more than a few items than needed and used my intuition a little too much.

It rained cats and dogs that weekend. I notice how well planned the city of Taipei was in terms of infrastructure because there was no flooded areas. During those times I was very bored; I literally had nothing to do. I finished all my readings, homework and even went over some new material for future classes. Plus! My internet wasn’t working well because it kept signing me out of messenger and in some cases I could not get on the internet page.

So there I was, waiting for this Typhoon to come and then eventually it got dark and I went to bed; still anticipating more.

The next day was the same routine, just a lot of rain without any indication of stopping. On Monday, I thought that there were no classes because we had to recover from the typhoon, but unlike Belize, the busy city was ready for business as usual. I guess I had expected a little more from the thought of an approaching typhoon, but that’s the case when someone is experiencing something for the first time.