I have now experienced many Typhoons in Taiwan, it seems as if the beauty of the island of “Formosa” is alluring not only to curious human visitors, but even nature herself cannot resist the temptation of unfortunately visiting Taiwan and unleashing it’s force.

From the safety of my dormitory, I am seven floors high; I was starring at the rain, it looked like little white stones. I could actually see the rain in sheet like form wavering like a kite after constantly being blown by the brute force of the wind. The wind was whistling, and at times it was pounding like a hammer unto the window panels of my dormitory. We had been told that a typhoon was approaching Taiwan, and was expected to hit on October 6th, 2007, its name was Typhoon Krosa, and this was now the beginning of its climax in Taipei, and likewise my first experience of a typhoon here. I am sheltered by the confines of my dormitory; however, many others in Taiwan are unfortunately not in the same situation as I am in. I saw and experienced this typhoon from the safety of glass doors and windows at my dormitory.

Typhoon Krosa brought a lot of us staying in the dormitory together. It was one of the first times that I saw the cafeteria at the basement of our dormitory filled with students. Strangers that I had not seen for a while all came trickling down to get food. For a few hours we were trapped as if in a prison, by this awesome force of nature, and no one dared to walk outside, and stand face to face with its strength.

After the storm had subsided I was curious to go outside and see for myself what the damages around my campus and surrounding area were. After walking outside I saw a few tree branches all scattered on the ground, no trees had been uprooted. Most of the bicycles were lying on the ground, and as I had expected, none of the motorcycles were blown down by the wind. The flooding in my area was minimal; hardly any water settled anywhere, indicating that the drainage system is properly maintained.

My first impression of the word typhoon was a big balloon. Taiwan and typhoon seems to go hand in hand. As I try to remember what happened during my first typhoon experience my mind is flooded by that of the many others that I have also experienced while in Taiwan, I can recall six. In my situation, the anticipation of my first typhoon encounter was not one of fear or apprehension, but it was an opportunity to see what happens during and after the event, since also in my home country we also have typhoons, but they are called hurricanes. In the area of Taipei city where I reside, there was no block out or power outage, the internet was not interrupted, neither was the television service disrupted, what did occur was that a holiday was declared on Monday October 8th.

Since this was the first typhoon while I was in Taiwan, I can also recall stocking up on some food supplies such as biscuits, cereals and canned fruits, but I had eaten almost everything even before the typhoon made landfall on Taiwan. With all the rain and nothing else to do, eating became my favorite pastime during all the rain.