Hola (Spanish) I’m from Honduras, my name is Maria Elena Tejeda, but my friends use to call me Malena. I am studying at the NTU; I have jointed the College of Agricultural Economics about one month ago.

My hometown is really quiet, and it doesn’t have hurricanes or typhoon very often. The terms "hurricane" and "typhoon" are regionally specific names for a strong "tropical cyclone". A tropical cyclone is the generic term for a non-frontal synoptic scale low-pressure system over tropical or sub-tropical waters with organized convection and definite cyclonic surface wind circulation Once the tropical cyclone reaches winds of at least 17 m/s (34 kt, 39 mph) they are typically called a "tropical storm" and assigned a name. If winds reach 33 m/s (64 kt, 74 mph)), then they are called: "hurricane" (the North Atlantic Ocean, the Northeast Pacific Ocean east of the dateline, or the South Pacific Ocean east of 160E), "typhoon" (the Northwest Pacific Ocean west of the dateline), "severe tropical cyclone" (the Southwest Pacific Ocean west of 160E or Southeast Indian Ocean east of 90E), "severe cyclonic storm" (the North Indian Ocean), "tropical cyclone" (the Southwest Indian Ocean).

Believe or not, the best weather experience I have ever had, has been during my first few days living in Taipei. Even when it was kind of sad I learned something about weather in Taipei. If you don’t often use an umbrella, you should come to Taipei, I bet you will need one, and with daily practice you will become an expert. Just let me tell you a story about the first umbrella I bought in Taiwan. It was a pretty, quiet and sunny day, when I realized I needed to buy an umbrella. I saw a small one in Shida Night Market, and I got in love with it, I couldn’t avoid buying it, it was cheap and beautiful. Since that day I call it “My Little Umbrey”.

My little Umbrey went out every day all day long, it wasn’t too good but I liked it. One unforgettable morning I heard a friend of mine to say that “Sinlaku”, the first typhoon I had been through, was about to hit Taiwan. Reporters were asking people to stay at home during the weekend, but that same day Milton, other of my friends, was coming to Taipei for the “Nicaragua Independence Day Celebration”, so we could not stay home that day and we ventured to go to lunch. I took my little Umbrey and decided to walk under the rain with my friends that day. Now I know it was a wrong decision. We haven’t start walking when we felt that the wind was flowing besides us. It was raining (real rain), we were wet and cold. The place we choose to go to eat was closed, so we looked for another. Rain and wind didn’t stop for a minute.

Taipei streets are usually full of people, cars, bikes and motorcycles, but that day seemed to be so quiet, only few people were out home. After we ate we thought we should wait for rain to stop or become weak, 20 minutes later we went back to our dorms under the rain because it didn’t stop. My little Umbrey was not working well, it had been broken by the Sinlaku’s ruthless breath. So I went back home wet, cold and really sad because I couldn’t use Umbrey anymore.

More than 1,000 people were evacuated overnight from low-lying areas in two counties in the north, and some were injured by falling objects. As the storm moved away from eastern Taiwan, authorities began to restore rail traffic, allowing people to resume plans to visit their families for Sunday's traditional moon festival.

I still have my little Umbrey, but I don’t use it, it needs to be fixed. If you heard that a Typhoon is coming and someone ask you to stay at home, you better pay attention. A smiley Typhoon always has ruthless breath. 