The word “Typhoon” sounds threatening and indeed it is for anyone who has ever experienced a typhoon, most especially for the first time. My first typhoon experience in Taiwan is one of my memorable events during my stay in Taiwan so far.

Few day to the typhoon’s arrival in Taiwan, rumors was spreading around that this “big event” was going to come in a few days time and that everyone has to prepare for it in the form of buying provisions that can sustain one for the day which was Sunday, October 6th 2007. I went out shopping during the weekend and had almost everything I may need for that day. I was excited to witness the typhoon for the first time in my life, but was also scared of being carried away by the strong wind.

Therefore, on that memorable Sunday afternoon, I got myself seated at the T.V. room so that while I watch movies, at the same time have a chance to take a look at the big event taking place outside. The rain came with a strong wind that was blowing more than I could imagine. I enjoyed the scene for the first few minutes but the willowing of the wind scared me and so had to run to my room before I was carried away by the wind. I locked myself for the rest of that day till the next day.

Because the typhoon was to stay in Taiwan a little longer than expected, a public holiday was announced for the next day which was Monday, 7th October 2007. But for me, imprisoning myself in the room kept me uninformed of the holiday, and therefore found myself alone in the school on that Monday afternoon as my classes were at that time.

My journey from the dormitory to the school was another story of its own to be remembered. From the moment I stepped out of the dorm, I could feel the wind still blowing although not very strong as the previous day, with little rain showers. I have to carry my new purchased umbrella, and it was unbelievable to see the damage done to that new umbrella during that short distance walk to school and back. The journey from the dorm to the school was longer than usual for that day as I always have to stay firm on the ground to avoid being carried by the wind. The umbrella worsen the situation as the wind was a little bit strong and from time to time I felt almost lifted from the ground as the umbrella is blown higher into the air. Also, as I walked pass the trees, I had the fear that one of the big trees may fall on me and so had to walk from one side of the road to the other to avoid walking under them.

When I arrived at the department, I realized that the place was empty and it was then I suspected that there was no school because of the weather. I called a friend and when she confirmed that the day was a public holiday because of the typhoon, I felt disappointed for having to struggle under the rough weather for nothing. The walk back to the dorm was almost like the previous but made it finally back to the dorm although my clothes were almost all wet, and for the poor umbrella, its usefulness ended within that short drama.

By evening of that day, the weather was calm and Taipei was back to life again with so many people out in the streets like ants looking for food to eat. As for me, I felt like being brought back to life again after taking a heavy meal from one of the nearby restaurants, after going through that short starvation period as the light food I was eating during that typhoon period couldn’t sustain me for any long period. From this terrible experience of typhoon, I get sad anytime I hear of typhoon coming because the first thing that comes to mind is the starvation period that the typhoon brings. 