Heads up! Typhoon is coming for this weekend, store water and food!!! My first impression was a little bit scaring because I had no idea of the magnitude of the so called, “Typhoon”, moreover I just knew they were pretty much like hurricanes and they could do a lot of damage if we did not take care of ourselves. Anyways, before I keep narrating this little story, let me introduce myself, my name is Oscar Chow, I am an Industrial Engineer from the beautiful country of Nicaragua and I’m here in this amazing country called Taiwan. I came to study a Master of Science in the Industrial Engineering and Management field and so far everything has been full of stories. In this particular case, I will tell you about my first experience with Typhoons.

Everything took place in Yuan Ze University, located in the city of Neili about one hour from Taipei, the actual capital of Taiwan. It was Wednesday and I was finally finished setting up my things in my new home for the next two years, “the dorms”. Anyhow, after leaving everything in place, I went outside for a walk and I had noticed that the weather had changed all of a sudden and the sky had become very dark and thinking that it might just be a small storm passing through, I did not care. The next day I received an email from the school letting me know that it was actually a bad thing going on, the famous Typhoon was actually getting closer to Taiwan and it was forecasted to hit land on that weekend. I also read that we had to store water and food because all the restaurants and stores might be closed for that weekend. However, I was lazy to go to the convenient store and buy food, candles, flash lights and so on. So I bought nothing.

The first day the typhoon strikes, I see there is no big deal with the rain and things seem to be normal, maybe just a soft rain with no storm whatsoever. By the end of that day, the rain became stronger and the wind started to blow really hard that all the windows from my bedroom were vibrating to the point of breaking into pieces. Therefore, I tried calling the administrator of the building but my bad luck had just begun getting no answer from his office. In addition, I had checked the windows and there was no lock, the windows were just broken and the wind was almost taking the windows from my hands. The night was long and I couldn’t sleep well.

The second day was even worse, but I had seen that the windows didn’t blow away and by just closing them it was enough to hold the wind and “be safe”. So, I moved on and I looked for something to do in my dorm. My first thought was getting online, but for some reason I thought that internet might not be working since there was a big typhoon in the air and most of the time in my country the services go down where there is bad weather. Well, my luck finally changed this time since the internet was running and working just fine! So, I started chatting with my friends and calling my family to let them know about this experience. They were surprised that I was holding a call in the middle of a Typhoon and the signal was almost perfect. I have to admit that this was surprising for me. But anyways, the story doesn’t end here.

The typhoon went on for the third day and I was desperate to find something to eat since I hadn’t bought anything for being lazy. So, I decided to go out under the rain to look for anything that might just satisfy my hunger. The convenient store, 7Eleven, was the answer for this, located at one block from the place I live. However, one block could be dangerous to walk against the wind and rain but I had no choice. So, I walked and grabbed some food from the store and in the way back I saw a bunch of scooters all broken spread on the floor and many trees had fallen too. Well, I just thanked God that none of those trees fell into any person and that everything besides material damage was alright. I think my story ends here and thanks everyone who had the patience for reading it. 