Is very interesting to think about the first time you make everything, like the first time you walk or your first teeth and what about your first kiss, I am pretty sure those are the kind of memories that you keep on your mind. Well for me the first typhoon I have ever experienced is something just like that, I remember that day and most probably I remembered it so well because it was recently.

A few days before that day I started to watch the news, of course without understanding what the pretty weather girl said but of course the graphics were so illustrative that I started to see that the typhoon was coming just when it was weekend and what was worst was my country independence was in the exact day when the typhoon came to Taipei city. Well in my home country it rains, and actually I have seen some days when it rains so much that you cannot see the floor but here in Taiwan it was way different, the wind hit you with a lot of strength and it was raining cats and dogs. So I was in my dorm knowing the typhoon was outside in the independence day of Guatemala waiting for a call from one of my friends to see if we would go with the ambassador to the meal he has prepared for us and couldn’t cancel.

Well my friend calls me and said, “Come on! Come with us! Are you going to let that some rain scare you,” then I started to be afraid just like a little kid because I knew really inside of me it was more than just rain. Well I thought, in fifty years from now I am going to look back and said; well I was running through the rain that day, cutting the wind with my body just like one of those legendary heroes instead of saying, I was so afraid that I kept in my room. Please don’t ask me how I had the courage but I went out without any umbrella, any other coverage to see what I could do, thanks God the typhoon was not so hard at that moment so it gave me some space to get to the 7-eleven, the popular convenience store here in Taiwan, and bought a plastic raincoat, one of those yellow ones that really calls the attention of everybody. I was running that day, going to Jiantan station that was relatively close to Ming Chuan dorms where I lived so at that moment the rain was so hard that if I had a raincoat or not didn’t matter because my face was wetting and I couldn’t see. I started to run looking to the ground to be able to see the way I was walking. When I ran a couple of meters and stood up my face seeing a giant tree on one side of the road, it was ready to hit me if I didn’t see it, so thanks God again I saw and avoided of course. The wind from time to time threw some solid things like papers, caps and others. It was really funny because in my entire life I hadn’t been able to see things like this, just in the movies; well I got to the station all wet when I met my friends. When they saw my face of course they started to laugh because it was so obvious that I hadn’t been in something like this before, and of course that is obvious considering that Guatemala where I came from is a cover for huge mountains, so the winds never gets there, also we don’t have any typhoons at all.

Well let me tell you that the story could sound a little scary but it wasn’t like that at all. I got so much fun in my first typhoon. That day I went to my embassy party with all my friends from Guatemala. We were more than 15 people that day. It was awesome like I said before; our ambassador is a very nice person and that opportunity let us know him better because due to the circumstances we didn’t eat in the embassy. We ate in his house. Honestly for me it was a more familiar ambience.

That day I realize I was in a totally different country, with a totally new life that I have chosen and that Taiwan had given me one of the best opportunities in my entire life.

So instead of being scared by the typhoon or being sad because I couldn’t do anything that day because all the stores were closed my experience was totally the contrary; it was like a challenge in our independence day that we defeated that day and I got one of the biggest price ever I felt happier, stronger and smarter than ever in my life. I felt that Taiwan was a very nice country with an excellent infrastructure and convenience communications, I develop my love for Taiwan but what is more important I felt home.