This is my first time in an Asian country. After 10 months in Taiwan, my vision and thinking about Asians have a special meaning. What I can say about Taiwanese people is that they are hard workers, with a high cultural background, and they love their country. The food also is a vital part of the culture and as we know in Taiwan the seafood has a special site. The life in keelung city turns around its harbor, one of the most important of Taiwan, where the side port view is the perfect scenario to taste the different and delicious kinds of Taiwanese seafood, and the night market is the perfect place. A lot of restaurants with fresh and exotic dishes offer to the visitors a variety of options. In my case I prefer to eat the oyster omelet, the crab soup, the roasted squid and the popular dumplings. What about the drinks? Well, you can drink a very healthy vegetable juice, or in my case the fresh orange juice is the best option. Another important attractions in keelung are: The Gold Ecological Park, the Lovers Lake, and fishing, the last one very popular along the shoreline and in different streams and rivers bordering the city. Let yourself to take the chance in visit Keelung only 30 minutes by bus from Taipei city and also to take a look at The National Taiwan Ocean University, a keelung’s symbol.