The Most Stupid/Crazy Thing I Have Done In Taiwan
On a fine Saturday, I correctly packed my bicycle on Campus and went to visit a friend. The following day I came and did not find my bicycle there. I was surprised and asked people around. One guy told me that it may have been taken away by the authorities who are responsible for making sure that bicycles are packed correctly. I was directed by this person to go and checked at the authority’s place. One may think that I did a stupid / crazy act. Later, I learned that a stupid/ crazy local student misplaced my bicycle while removing his own and did not repack correctly my bicycle.
Being so furious, the following Monday I went to report this problem to my manager. Being an experienced woman, she checked the computer and saw the picture of my bicycle. I was surprised. They were showing that my bicycle was wrongly packed. I later concluded that actually it was that stupid and crazy local student who misplaced my bicycle while trying to remove his, and did not correctly replace mine. From there I was directed to go and check for my bicycle to the authority’s place.
My manager prepared a document for me to take along with the picture of my bicycle. I went there and was well attended by the person responsible for such bicycles removed and taken away. I introduced myself as a foreign student studying in Taiwan, at NTU and then explained the whole scenario to the attendant there. In response, he told me exactly what I taught which had happen concerning the misplacement of my bicycle by a stupid/ crazy local student. The man told me that such incident occurs very frequently. He advised me to lock my bicycle through a hook which is irremovable.
He later took me to his office and did some formal paper work and asked me to sign a document which proves that I have collected my bicycle. He asked for my I.D. Card and scanned it to the computer.Upon completion with all the procedures, he led me to where the confiscated bicycles are packed and asked me to identify my bicycle, which I did and picked it. Later I discovered that both the rear and front tires had punctured and one of the pedals got broken. Another problem aroused. I started thinking of how to repair thembecause this bicycle is so important to me that I cannot afford not to have a bicycle while studying at NTU, where our faculty and dorm are very far apart. At least the bicycle is making my movement in a very easy and quick way, which is so convenient and comfortable to me. I said to myself that I have to see the bicycle mechanic in the campus and find out the cost.
I went to this mechanic on a Monday after attending my regular classes. While with the mechanic I explained the whole bicycle episode to him. He was sympathetic to me. I asked him to assess the bicycle and tell me the whole costs, which he actually did. I then negotiated for a discount and this was given. The man later became my friend any time I have a minor bicycle problem, he will fix it for me and does not charge me too much. Finally, my bicycle was return to normal.
He told me that my bicycle is made in China which is a mass product, and it is not good in quality as compared to the bicycles which are made in Taiwan. I did not remember when I bought this bicycle. Anyway he advised me that next time I should look for the ones that are made in Taiwan. After the maintenance, I went away with my bicycle in a very comfortable and nice mode. I noticed that the bike was improved with the speed and I was happy.
However, this is not the end of the story about the bike. Recently, I packed the bike at the dorm normally at the right place among other bikes. This was on a Friday if my memory serves me right. I did not use it on Saturday because I had to attend a meeting at the Management Building of the University. I walked on foot with a friend who also came to attend the same meeting. Now the following day was Sunday and I was going to findsome food out of dorm and decide to use the bike.
Upon arrival at the place where I packed, the bike was nowhere to be found. I started searching all the places, but I still couldn’t find it. I later realized that my bike was stolen. The following day was Monday and I reported the unfortunate incident to my manager. She did not hesitate to tell me that my bike was stolen. I suggested her that I will write to the Dean and report that matter to him and suggest him to install cameras all over the places where bicycles are normally assigned to be packed. Unfortunately, a foreign student who was beside meheard my complaints and told me not to report and suggest the Dean to install cameras. However, I was not happy with her remarks. I was on stress because my bike was stolen. Up to now the bike is not found and I do not think it will be found. Finally, I decided to buy second hand auction bike and decided not to buy new bike any more in Taiwan.Upon request, I was told that such auction bikes are sold periodically and the next period for the sale is on the 14th of April, 2009.