The Most Stupid/Crazy Thing I Have Done In Taiwan
The craziest thing I have done in Taiwan takes me back to October of 2007, roughly about two months after my arrival. It was a night of fun and music. I went to a disco. At there I was enjoying the drinks that came along with the admission into the club. Before I got comfortable, it was already the closing time and everyone was heading home.I had no idea where to go to reach the MRT train station but I convinced myself that I knew where I was going. Well, it did not take very long for me to realize that I had the faintest clue of where I was heading. I tried to fight to stay awake while I was almost falling asleep. I imagined that I probably looked like a typical person about going to have a heart attack, due to the semi-swaggered nature of my walking and my retarded reflexes as a result of the drinks I had during the night.
I was determined to find the way to my dormitory since the sleepiness in my eyes longed for the comfort of my bed. All of a sudden, I saw the sight of a taxi parked a distance ahead of me. I ran like a mad man to it while trying to catch my breath, I told the taxi driver “Wo qu Tida----Wo qu NTU.” The taxi driver seemed immediately concerned and within seconds he had started to drive me away. It could have been twelve or twenty minute’s later but after paying one hundred and eighty nine NT dollars I found myself at the front door of the National Taiwan University (NTU) Hospital. The NTU Hospital is located some distance away from the campus of National Taiwan University. I was shocked initially and all the sleepiness drained away from me. I was far away from where I needed to be. I think ending up at the hospital brought my senses back to me. I went to a nearby 7-11 to buy two bottles of waterand that seemed to have cleared my mind a little. I had been to the NTU Hospital as part of our mandatory check-up for enrollment at my university about three weeks before this incident, so I recalled where I was. Well also since the alcohol had time to be worn off, I was thinking more clearly now. I went to the nearby train station, which is just a short distance away, and from there I waited for about an hour before the trains started leaving. I was glad to be back to my dormitory and I fell asleep at the moment when my head hit the pillow.  So remembering this incident serves as a vivid reminder of how two simple Chinese words are the icons to one of the most stupid things I have done in Taiwan and now writing about it is certainly the craziest.