It is a natural phenomenon for every individual to act in a-some-what stupid/crazy behavior based on the circumstances in which that person finds him/herself in. I am not an exception to this phenomenon and this was what happened.
It was on a Thursday morning, January 15th, 2009 when I had to make the end of term presentation on one of my term papers. The alarm clock ran at 8.00AM for me to get up to get ready to go for the presentation. I turned it off and decided to take a few minutes extra nap on bed before getting up, which was a usual habit for me. However, I was stupid to realize that, since I didn’t go to bed early because I was preparing the PowerPoint presentation, my body still needed more time to rest. So the longer I stayed on bed the greater the possibility of falling asleep. What happened next? When next I opened my eyes again, it was 9:20AM already, ten minutes before the presentation begun with my colleagues. The next thing I did was to jump from the bed. But when I stood up, I didn’t know what to do first. It took me about a minute before I started packing and heading to school. Since I already made up my mind not to take a shower because of the time constraint, I got dressed, picked up my bag, and started moving to school. I walked half way through the corridor and I realized that I didn’t brush my teeth after I got up. Thinking of the time that will be wasted to go back to the room to pick up my tooth brush and paste drove me crazy. At that moment, I realized that I can’t go out without doing that. So it took me another three minutes or so to finish cleaning up before I headed to school. That was the only day I can ever remember spending less than ten minutes to reach my department. On a regular basis, it takes me fifteen minutes or more to get to my department.
I arrived to the department around only few minutes after the start of the first presentation. But I was told by someone outside that I could not enter the class without printing my report for the lecturer and the PowerPoint presentation for everyone in class. I was shock because no one had mentioned it to me earlier. Again I was stupid for some time without knowing where to start from as the commercial printer in the department which was out of service. It was only after a few thoughts that I was able to figure out where I could get help and so I rushed there with my whole body trembling as the fear of being penalized by the lecturer.
The PowerPoint slides were printed so I got a little relief. But when I opened the report file, it was incomplete as I had forgotten to save the latest editions I made on the report. Some may question why I was so stupid but it is part of human nature sometimes when you have too much pressure on you especially towards the end of the term. Did I have to go back to dorm to get my laptop and copy the file again to my flash drive? No! That was the last thing I could think of at that moment. I grabbed the printed PowerPoint slides and rushed to the class where the presentation begun already, I missed more than half of that presentation. I entered the class in a cold manner expecting being scolded by the professor but I was surprised when he didn’t say anything to me. I sat quietly and tried to follow with the presentation. During the presentation, I recalled that I sent the file attachment to the professor the previous night so I got a little bit relieved from that drama. As I knew that the professor was obviously going to ask for my report during the break when my colleagues already submitted theirs. During the break, I didn’t give him that time to ask for report as it was going to be embarrassing, that I quickly rushed back to the office where I got helped to ask again for help and there was no hesitation in assisting me to go to my mailbox and try to retrieve the file. I was relieved when the document was finally printed out. I was able to go back to the class and talk to my colleagues about my ordeal. During the first few minutes of my presentation, I was still nervous that the professor will penalize me during the presentation. I got relieved when I saw him got so absorbed with my presentation that he completely forgotten what happened before. It was an amusing story to my colleagues and few days after that day some of them wouldn’t let me go away anytime we met without bothering me about that event.
The ordeal of that morning still stays in my mind. Each morning my alarm rings for lectures and thus forcing me to stay awake after the alarm. It helps me from being late for another important event like the one I mentioned above. I believe that “experience is the best teacher in life”. If I had never experienced being late on an important event like this, maybe I will never understand the importance of being on time, which is not a big problem in my culture.