A funny thing happened to me last week. I went to the night market in Shi-Da Road to do some shopping. I wanted to have dinner with friends and I also needed to find some Chinese Pinying books to learn Chinese. My friends and I got on a bus from Technology Building stop to Shi-Da Road and it took about 10 to 15 minutes. Upon arrival, we bought the books from the bookstore near the night market which is located across National Taipei University of Technology. From the bookstore my friend decided to visit an ICDF student at NTUT so I went to one of my favorite coffee shop near the gate of that university. I ordered a cup of coffee and I paid for some buns and started playing some crossword puzzles.
There were plenty of empty tables and I found one which was near the window. I sat down and began doing crossword puzzles. I always enjoy playing crossword puzzles. After a while or maybe a couple of minutes, a man sat down in the seat which was opposite to me. There was nothing special about him, except that he was very tall. In fact, he looked like typical city businessman you know, wearing the dark suit and holding a briefcase.
I didn’t say anything and I continued playing my crossword puzzles. Suddenly he reached to me and opened my packet of buns and took one of them. He dipped the bun into his coffee and popped it into his mouth. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was too shocked to say anything. Anyway, I didn’t want to make a fuss so I decided to ignore this. I always avoid having trouble if I can. I just took a biscuit and went back to do my puzzles. When that man took the second biscuit from mine, I didn’t look up and I didn’t make any sound. I pretended that I was concentrated in playing my crossword puzzles. After couple of minutes, I reached out my hand and took last bun and glanced at him. He was staring at me furiously. I nervously put the bun in my mouth and I decided to leave. I was ready to get up and go when the man suddenly pushed his chair back, stood up and hurried out from the coffee shop. I felt relieved and decided to wait for two or three minutes before leaving. I finished my coffee, folded my newspaper and stood up. And there, on table, where my newspaper had been, was my packet of biscuits.