In order to enhance international competitiveness of Taiwan in the future, the government has given enthusiastic impetus to “The Planning and Implementation of the Challenge 2008 National Development Plan.” The Ministry of Education is cooperating in the field of international competitiveness enhancement with the establishment of the “e-Generation Manpower Cultivation Plan,” hoping to expand the eminent international experts to strengthen the international cooperation program and international industry academic cooperation by enhancing educational qualities and competitiveness in order to recruit foreign students to study in Taiwan.
Additionally, the Ministry of Education also provides encouragement and opportunities for Taiwan undergraduate students to study aboard, and at the same time internationalize the Taiwan universities. With the exception of advanced countries such as Europe, the United States, Japan, etc., we are looking for international cooperation with Eastern Europe (including Russia), Southeastern Asia (including India) and countries in Central America. The Ministry of Education has been making consistent visits to Russia, Vietnam, India and other countries. During this time the Ministry of Education has been holding international conferences as well as holding meetings to facilitate cooperation with Russia and Vietnam. Universities have been cooperating with Technology Service Team of the Taiwan ICDF of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Because of their enthusiasm, a number of outstanding international achievements have been achieved.
Kun Shan University is following the internationalization policies of Ministry of Education to recruit international students. For the 1996 academic year, there were about 50 international students from Central America, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, Vietnam, Austria as well as other countries. On the International industry academia cooperation part, we diligently cooperate with the Technology Service Team of the Taiwan ICDF of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We provide service on professional techniques assistance and advice for Central American and African countries. At the same time, we visit United States, Japan, Vietnam, Russia and others countries to establish cooperation.
Kun Shan University was officially founded on 1965. Currently there are five colleges: the College of Engineering, the College of Business and Management, the College of Humanities, the College of Creative Media, and the College of Informatics. Those colleges consist of 20 Bachelor Programs and 10 Masters Programs which make Kun Shan University a fine school of higher learning. There are about 15,000 students in our 22.3 hectare campus. Our campus has very modernized buildings, advanced equipment, scientific management, a well-organized administrative system, and the campus is situated in a beautiful garden setting. Kun Shan University wholeheartedly welcomes outstanding students from all over the world to join us.