During my first year in Taiwan, I knew so many new friends. I think everybody is my friend. I had acquaintance with Taiwanese people, interacted with this culture, and enjoyed my life in this country.

When I completed my second semester in Kun Shan University (KSU), the international office invited me to join their trip to Central America. KSU planned to visit different universities in Central America and to recruit students who wanted to apply our university.

Eventually, we decided to visit only two countries, first Panama and then Costa Rica. We spent few time to know this two countries. I visited these two countries with two important people, Dr. Yang (director of international office in KSU) and Dr. Lee (vice-president of KSU)

We planned to visit three universities in Panama in the first two days, after flew around 34 hours from Tainan in Taiwan to Panama City. This flight made me very tired, but anxious, because I flew back to place near my home country.

After the long flight, we arrived Panama in a Sunday afternoon. The ambassador of Taiwan in Panama gave us warm reception. In spite of the tiredness, we had to obey a loud agenda. The ambassador of Taiwan programmed a journey to the Canal of Panama, the famous place to us. The Canal of Panama passed great quantity of ships from Pacific Ocean to Atlantic Ocean and vice versa. Ships, need to do this journey, are from the world. Therefore, in this wonderful place, we were able to observe great quantity of ships of all manner of size. Besides, we could observe a spectacular infrastructure which can move those big ships. (See Picture. 1)

Picture 1. Panama Canal

Later, we had dinner with the ambassador of Taiwan in Panama and his madam. I could know that he had done great job in marketing Taiwan in this country, since his assistants are high-qualified students finishing their education in Taiwan. By means of this exemplary organization, they could follow many countries and realize their wish. (See Picture. 2)

Picture 2. Dinner with the Ambassador of Panama

We can feel deeply hospitality of this country from the embassy and from the universities we had visited. In the technological university of Panama, the University of Panama and the ULACIT, we achieved our objective. Dr. Lee, Dr. Yang, and I have known and met prospective students who wish to accomplish studies in Taiwan. More than 40 students participated in our introduction lectures. (See Picture. 3)

Picture. 3 recruitment in Technological University of Panama

Picture. 4 visit the University of Costa Rica and meet Dra. Ana, director of Oficina de Asuntos Internacionales y CooperacionExterna

Student profile

  • Jose Luis Leon Salazar(中文姓名為李昂)
  • 性別:男
  • 國籍:哥斯大黎加
  • 出生年月日:1978/12/29
  • 就讀學校:崑山科技大學 (Kun Shan University)
  • 在台灣主修科目:機械工程(Mechanical Engineering)
  • 在哥斯大黎加主修科目:材料科學工程(Material Science Engineering)